Valorant Quietly Receives XP Buff for Spike Rush Mode

by in Valorant | Sep, 18th 2020

As Valorant creeps closer to the end of Ignition Act 2, people are rushing to grind out as much XP as possible. After all, you want your end-of-act rewards, right? Between that, and unlocking your Agents for free, you need exp to do that to get to the good stuff of the Battle Pass. How do most people do it? By spamming Competitive or Unrated matches. However, Valorant seems to have dropped a quiet buff to the XP gains for Spike Rush. It may not last forever, but if you are in need of XP, now’s the time to get it!

What’s The Big Deal?

The big deal, friends, is the longer modes give more XP! Then you factor in winning matches, and that’s even more XP! That’s why Competitive and Unrated are arguably the best. You also have to factor in that Spike Rush and Deathmatch are shorter modes, and have fixed XP rates. That makes those two modes far less worth it. So what has Valorant done to give Spike Rush more XP?

As of Patch 1.08, Spike Rush’s XP reward in Valorant went from 1,000 XP flat to 1,250 XP. It sounds to us like it’s a temporary solution though to an on-going problem. A Valorant developer, tehleach, spoke about this on Reddit:

“Hello, yes we changed XP from 1000 to 1250 because of a bug that isn’t counting progress towards ultimate / ability objectives in the second half of spike rush matches (other missions still work tho). We’ll bring it back down to 1000 when we fix this bug, which may or may not be before the next patch.”

Players are surely already happy about the XP boost, so perhaps Riot will keep it this way. Being essentially forced to play two modes, to maximize your XP gains! Sure, it’s only 250 XP up from where it was, but that will add up when you’re trying to get to the highest tiers. 

On a personal note, this writer thinks Battle Passes are one of the worst things in online gaming right. Spending all that time to grind XP to get rewards can be tiresome and tedious. But considering after four games of Spike Rush, it’s the equivalent of another game, regardless of how it goes, it’s definitely a great idea for you to spam those while you still can! Get a bit of a reprieve from Unrated Valorant matches. We do hope Spike Rush retains the XP buff in Valorant. 

Should the game stay this way or not? What do you think?


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