Valorant Player Impersonates FaZe and Fools Teammates in Scandal

by in Valorant | Jun, 21st 2021

The Valorant FaZe Academy scandal has come to light, and boy is it awful. In this, Joseph “Silent” Oliver pretended to be a member of FaZe Clan to deceive his teammates. Not just any member of FaZe, the org’s manager “Infamous.” It’s a shocking, deplorable thing to have done to one’s team, and it could have ruined several player’s careers. According to Regan “Tdawgg” Travis, there was malicious intent behind this to keep V1C playing Valorant instead of CSGO. V1C was signed to a CSGO MDL team, and this could have been devastating. At least it was stopped before permanent damage could have been done. What went down?

Faked DMs and Claims

Tdawgg posted a video showing the whole Valorant FaZe Academy scandal. He goes over Joseph “Silent” Oliver, who impersonated a FaZe Clan member and deceived his team. You can watch his 10-minute video on the situation here. Perhaps the most confusing part is I can’t see the end-game. Where did Silent think this was going to wind up? The allegations are that Silent deceived five players (Tdawgg, V1C, Lunar, A77, and Nerve) into thinking they would be signed to FaZe. 

This was also a money deal for an initial two months. The players were said to be signed for $6,000-$8,000 and $5,000 per coach. Silent was falsifying a series of Twitter DMs with Infamous, who had no idea it was going down in the first place. It wouldn’t be much of a secret if he did. What makes this worse is that some of the team rejected other offers to pursue this goal of playing for FaZe Clan, which did not exist in the first place. The Valorant FaZe Academy scandal might be one of the worst cons in Valorant to date. 

Silent knew the team was excited about it, though, since he was always present in scrims. He spent eight weeks with his teammates, tricking them and getting their hopes up with a promise of a future with money and success on a major global org. It gets worse, though. Silent allegedly created another set of DMs, where it said Infamous was aware of players leaking information about the team he was forming. This is where it all began to backfire on Silent.

Regan spoke to Infamous himself on Twitter to try and defuse any bad blood. Like the other members of his team, he wanted to join FaZe Clan, but this is where Infamous said no such opportunity existed at all. The FaZe Valorant Academy project was a scam instead. Silent had a history of shady activity, such as impersonating players or selling accounts. Silent did make an apology, where it sounded like he was trying to look out for Vic (V1c), who refused to switch to Valorant as the main game.

You can read the full apology on his Twitlonger, but a statement from it is below: “Bottom line is, this whole situation was created because I am a selfish person, who looks out for himself before anyone else. I hope to be able to grow from this, and am not posting this in anyway for sympathy or to ask for forgiveness: I DO NOT DESERVE IT. All of the comments about me I deserve 100%.”

Silent didn’t think his big plan through and instead could have ruined careers. Hopefully, those with other offers can still get them. This is a serious problem, and it’s likely the affected parties could file a lawsuit if that’s what they wanted. We can’t imagine a teammate trying to do something like that to players they work with for weeks and months on end, much less anyone else. It’s beyond reproach. While FaZe has not made an official statement yet, Infamous did post a brief tweet about the situation.

It’s unfortunate that this even happened in the first place, and hopefully, Silent can get some help in the future. We genuinely hope that the players and team affected by this scam can go on to sign with an org and push forward. It’s a sincerely awful thing that has happened to them. 


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