Valorant Player Dcop Disqualified at Pax Arena for Not Being an American

by in Valorant | Jul, 16th 2021

Valorant’s Dcop was disqualified from the PAX Arena Tournament for not being a resident of America. The strangest part is that he was personally invited to attend and compete. It sounds like the PAX Tournament organizers didn’t do due diligence to make sure all the players were American residents. This is likely due to COVID restrictions. It’s still an unfortunate thing to have to read. Carlo “Dcop” Delsol was right about competing with his team in the Upper Bracket Finals, but unfortunately, he was disqualified from the PAX Arena event.

We cannot imagine how embarrassing and frustrating something like this would be. It’s for sure a confusing situation. His team was personally invited to this Tier 2 event, and they played the first week of the matches without a problem. It could very well be a legal/COVID problem, and that part doesn’t really bother Dcop apparently. Wasting a week of matches has to be frustrating. On top of that, they were on the way to victory.

The Upper Finals match versus Virtuoso was slated to begin, and during a small server dispute, the admin told Dcop that he couldn’t play because he’s in Mexico/is a Mexican. In an interesting twist of fate, Virtuoso, the team they were going to play also dropped from the event, in a show of solidarity:

“Today in our PAX Arena $10K Upper-Final, it was brought to light after a server dispute that a player from the opposing team, DCop of EZ5, was not eligible to play in the event per the rules-as-written. EZ5 was subsequently disqualified. We are not a team who looks to win by technicality and did everything in our power to provide alternative solutions. We would like to apologize to the fans, both ours and EZ5’s, who were looking forward to what would have surely been an incredible Upper-Final. As a result of this outcome, we have decided that continuing in the event would be in conflict with the morals and competitive spirit of our team and we will be withdrawing. We apologize again for the unsavory nature of this ending, but we’ll be back soon.”

While we’re glad for Mozzymembas and GoodFellas, who will now compete in the Grand Finals, this issue probably could have been avoided in the first place. PAX Arena posted a response, that said the “legal counsel for PAX determined that the player was ineligible to compete.” If EZ5 were invited personally to attend, the organizers should have definitely done their homework and make sure everyone could compete. EZ5 had a chance to put in a sub to compete, but they chose to withdraw since one of their main players could not take part. It’s such a mess, and we hope these two teams can compete against each other in a tournament in the future.


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