Valorant PBE Launches July 9, Here’s How to Sign Up

by in Valorant | Jun, 22nd 2021

If you’re the kind of player who loves testing out patches and early builds — and happen to be super into Valorant — you’re in luck: Riot will be opening the doors of a Public Beta Environment (or PBE for short) starting on July 9! A limited number of North American players will be able to join in on the fun and test things out to their heart’s content!

League of Legends has had a separate PBE server for what feels like an eternity, although, to be fair, most folks only use it to test out skins and champions seeing how everything in the game can be obtained without investing a dime. Still, it has a very specific purpose and has more active players than you’d expect.

The reason why Riot has decided to implement a Valorant PBE is also quite simple: they need all the help they can get with their bi-weekly patch cadence. Players will therefore be able to identify bugs and “evaluate stability” before Riot ultimately decides what gets shipped to live servers. This includes Agent and weapon balancing, along with everything pertaining to game systems and all other updates that are often highlighted in the official patch notes.

There is one key difference to the LoL PBE, though: this one will be selectively available. This means that Riot will open its doors for a single weekend before each new patch. Players will then be able to log in, test whatever needs testing, and then report back in the dedicated Valorant PBE subreddit.

How Do I Sign Up?

The process is quite simple: click here and follow the on-screen instructions. Applying doesn’t mean you’ll be recruited, but it’s definitely worth the shot. Also, keep in mind that there’s no alt account for PBE; you’ll be using your current Valorant credentials to log in, and getting any sort of ban or restriction will therefore apply to both servers.

If you do happen to get the nod, you’ll receive a second email confirming your acceptance with additional information on how to access the Valorant PBE. Riot will be “recruiting” testers with each new patch until there’s a “steady population,” so you may receive your invite further down the line.

In any case, we’re elated that the folks over at Riot have decided to create a separate testing grounds for Valorant; it is, at the very least, an indication that the game’s growing at an incredibly fast pace, and that the best is yet to come!


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