Valorant Patch 1.01: The First Post-Release Patch

by in Valorant | Jun, 10th 2020

Just a week after Valorant patch 1.0, we’re greeted with another hefty update. Yes, last week was packed with smaller updates, but this one has a name which must mean it’s much more important. Valorant patch 1.01 is the name and it brings forth more content for the new game mode, Spike Rush, and fixes a whole bunch of things that ought to improve the players’ quality of life.

Valorant patch 1.01 is around 1GB and should download automatically after initializing the launcher.

Valorant Patch 1.01 | Sage Nerfs Continue

Riot Games continues to nerf Sage! Valorant patch 1.0 dethroned Sage as the only S-tier agent in the game, and Valorant patch 1.01 seems to be going in the same direction. Luckily, Sage’s Healing Orb isn’t the focal point of this nerf. Instead, her Slow Orb is getting hit with the nerf gun. The cast range has been lowered from 20m to 10m which will greatly limit Sage’s ability to control distant areas and allow her to focus more on the areas she’s already in control of.

Spike Rush Updates

The new game mode Spike Rush seems to be in the center of Valorant patch 1.01 attention. Not only is the game mode itself getting significant updates, but there are also additions regarding the orbs that spawn during each Spike Rush rounds. Let’s check them all out!

Spike Rush Changes

The special thing about Spike Rush is its short duration (8 to 12 minutes) and special orbs randomly scattered across all chokepoints. The new update features five random orbs at the start of each Spike Rush round.

The new Valorant patch 1.01 also brings forth a widget showing players the randomly chosen orbs during character select and pre-round periods. Another fun fact is that the Full Ultimate Orb is always available while four out of the remaining seven Spike Rush orbs are chosen at random.

New Orbs

Here’s a closer look at three brand-new orbs available in Spike Rush game mode:

Health Orb

  • Instantly grants health regeneration for the entire team.
  • The health regeneration effect lasts for 20 seconds.
  • Regenerates 12HP per second (3HP per tick).

Deception Orb

  • Applies Omen’s Paranoia effect to all enemy players
  • Activates three seconds after capturing.
  • Disables mini-map, reduces vision, and plays fake footsteps and gunfire.

Golden Gun

  • The capturing played gets a one-hit-kill golden gun.
  • The gun has perfect accuracy and three bullets in total.
  • Each kill grants an additional bullet

Other Changes and Bug Fixes

In addition to Sage’s Slow Orb nerf and all those Spike Rush changes and additions, Riot Games was busy fixing all sorts of bugs and bringing quality of life improvements too. We’re talking about numerous small issues that weren’t even real issues; more like minor nuisances that players were constantly complaining about. Stuff like Sova’s Recon Dart consistency, minor visual improvements, improvements of the ping system, and similar.

Valorant patch 1.01 brings forth a ton of notable bug fixes too, most of which revolve around the newest agent, Reyna. There’s a handful of performance-related things too, for both lower and high-spec machines.

For a full list of changes, please refer to the official Valorant patch notes!


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