Valorant NA LCQ to Resume in Late October

by in Valorant | Oct, 20th 2021

After suspending Valorant’s NA LCQ last week due to ongoing issues coming from server issues, positive Covid-19 test results, and a general dissatisfaction with the event from competing teams, things looked rather bleak for NA Valorant. However, a new announcement from Riot Games provides an update on the current situation as well as a new schedule for the remaining matches in NA’s LCQ for Valorant Champions.

The New Valorant NA LCQ Schedule

According to a post on the Play Valorant Esports blog, NA’s LCQ will be resuming on Wednesday, October 27th. The event will not be reset, but will continue its matches at the last point where the tournament left off. The results from day 1 will remain in effect, and the first match of the new schedule will be between FaZe Clan and Rise. 

The following is the new schedule and dates for the NA LCQ for Valorant Champions.

Day 2 – Wednesday, October 27

  • Match 4: FaZe Clan vs. Rise (12:00 PM PT).
  • Match 5: Version 1 vs. Cloud9 Blue (3:00 PM PT).
  • Match 6: Match between Winner of FaZe/Rise vs. Winner of Version1/Cloud9 Blue (6:00 PM PT).

Day 3 – Thursday, October 28

  • Match 7: Gen.G Esports vs. Luminosity Gaming (12:00 PM PT).
  • Match 8: Match between Loser of FaZe/Rise vs. Loser of Version1/Cloud9 Blue (3:00 PM PT).

Day 4 – Friday, October 29

  • Match 9: Loser of Match 6 vs. Winner of Match 7 (12:00 PM PT).
  • Match 10: XSET vs. Winner of Match 8 (3:00 PM PT).
  • Match 11 – Upper Bracket Finals: 100 Thieves vs. Winner of Match 6 (6:00 PM PT).

Day 5 – Saturday, October 30

  • Match 12 – Lower Bracket Semi-finals: Winner of Match 9 vs. Winner of Match 10 (12:00 PM PT).
  • Match 13 – Lower Bracket Finals: Winner of Match 12 vs. Winner of Match 13 (3:00 PM PT)

Day 6 – Sunday, October 31

  • Grand Final Best-of-5 – Match 14: Winner of Match 11 vs. Winner of Match 13 (12:00 PM PT).

As of the writing of this article, a broadcast team has not been finalized for Valorant’s NA LCQ. Also, according to Upcomer’s Georges Geddes on Twitter, teams were notified of these changes the morning of October 19th and the evening of October 18th at the earliest based on information provided to him by a source. Geddes asserts this information was not passed down to coaches and players that are participating at the event. So far, none of this information has been confirmed yet. We reached out to Iconic Events regarding whether they were still planning on bringing the grand final of NA LCQ for Valorant Champions to movie theaters in North America. So far, we’ve received no response. 

So far, no complications have arisen due to the rescheduling of the Valorant NA LCQ, and it’s unknown whether teams will see a conflict between NA LCQ and prior commitments. However, it’s possible schedule conflicts could arise between prior commitments and the new NA LCQ schedule. Another important detail regarding the new NA LCQ schedule is that all games will be played online rather than on LAN, according to this tweet from the Valorant Champions Tour NA account on Twitter. So far, no organizations have remarked on the event transitioning to online for the remainder of the tournament. 


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