Valorant Makes $15 Million From Champions Bundle Skins

by in Valorant | Dec, 8th 2021

That’s right, two weapon skins in Valorant cleared $15 million, thanks to the Champions bundle. That is a colossal amount of money to celebrate the inaugural Valorant Champions tournament. These skins are gorgeous, too. They are gold-plated Vandal and karambit melee skins and cost 6260 Valorant Points. That’s close to $70 bucks, so you can tell how popular they were. This money isn’t all Valorants’ either, it also goes to the players, and that’s a big deal.

Crowdfunding isn’t new to esports, either. Every year, Dota 2 raises millions easily, so seeing something like this is not shocking, but it is wholesome. We want our players to make a good living doing this, and what better way than having the fans pay in and get something awesome in return?

Teams Get a Cut of Millions

This means an extra $7.5 million in funds for the 16 teams competing in the Valorant Champions event. It’s wild to think that the two skins in the Valorant Champions bundle made that much money. However, it was clear that 50% of the proceeds from this collection went to the participating teams. It feels like people wanted to support their favorite teams, not to mention getting a gorgeous Vandal and karambit to use in-game. 

The Valorant Champions skins bundle isn’t even out of the shop yet. It could surpass $20 million. The Champions Collection leaves the store on December 13, so there’s still time to pick it up if you love Valorant and like these beautiful gold skins. Incredibly, $15 million was made over two weeks, and we’re curious to see how far that goes. 

What will the split be for the teams? It’s about $468,000 per team if you split it 16 ways for the five players, but there’s no telling if that will be the real split. Perhaps the bigger teams with better records will want a greater split. That’s out of our wheelhouse, but we would be curious to see what the actual split will be at the end of the day. Will this become a tradition for Valorant, though? If the money this Valorant Champions skins bundle is anything to go by, it wouldn’t be a shock. 


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