Valorant Leaks: New Game Mode, New Agents & New Ranking System

by in Valorant | Jul, 27th 2020

Even though Valorant viewership numbers aren’t as high as they were in beta, for an obvious reason, it’s still a really popular game. It’s not exactly the next League of Legends, but it’s up there, enjoying its fair share of the esports cake. Just like every other esports title out there, Valorant will always have a ton of rumors, speculations and leaks going around. The latter is what we’re going to be focusing on today – Valorant leaks. There’s a ton of these Valorant leaks circulating the internet, such as rumors of an upcoming FFA (Free-for-all) mode, some of which you need to know about!

New Valorant Leaks 101

There are two or three Valorant leaks published every week. They range from simple stuff like skins and random fixes all the way to major things like new agent reveals, new maps, game modes and so on. However, not all of them turn out to be true. That said, let’s start off with a Valorant leak that tingled everyone’s imagination but turned out as, in Trump’s words, fake news.

New Valorant Agents Leaked

Shatter and Crusader, awesome names, right? Well, last few weeks everyone and their grandmothers were claiming Shatter and Crusader are the next Valorant agents. It wasn’t until late last week that Riot Games debunked the rumors, claiming those are merely age-old canceled agents that didn’t make the cut.

So yeah, long story short – Shatter and Crusader aren’t the next Valorant agents. On the other hand, new Valorant agent Killjoy looks more and more like the real thing! We already have a bunch of info on him, which confirms the earlier data mining Valorant leaks.

New FFA Game Mode

Now let’s start talking about Valorant leaks that might actually be true! First off, newest Valorant leak is based around a Redditor with the name Mang0eLeaks. He dug into the Valorant 1.04 patch and found a bunch of code that referred to a new game mode.

Valorant Deathmatch mode confirmed

More precisely, his leaks show some stuff related to a Valorant Deathmatch mode, which could mean we’re finally getting a proper FFA game mode! However, take everything with a grain of salt because Valorant patch 1.04 is already out and Deathmatch game mode is not available. Perhaps the code that Mang0eLeaks found was just a preparation for an upcoming Deathmatch patch. Hey, it even rhymes!

Valorant Ranking System Overhaul

Last week was pretty fruitful as far as Valorant leaks go. Not only did Mang0eLeaks find Deathmatch-related stuff, but we also got some fresh news about the overhaul of Valorant’s ranking system… not that it needed much change, anyway.

Well, according to these new Valorant leaks, the people over at Riot Games weren’t satisfied with their work. ValorLeaks is the Twitter profile standing behind this leak. He/she showed a mock-up imager of what the new Valorant ranking system could look like. It still has a total of eight ranks, but each will have five levels, resembling the subranks in other Riot Games’ titles, like League of Legends. 

This information/leak hasn’t been confirmed yet so we don’t know whether or not five-subranks system will actually be in the game at some point. We also have no concrete information on whether or not Valorant’s new ranking system will feature promotion matches, though, given recent issues surrounding the ownership of the ranked system, it seems doubtful we’ll see it in Act 2…

Long story short – we got a bunch of questions and no concrete answers!


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