Valorant Leaker Claims Mobile Release May Be Pending

by in Valorant | Oct, 27th 2020

We’ve talked about a possible Valorant mobile release for a while now. Even last week we hypothesized about it coming to iOS. We certainly think it’s possible for Valorant to come to our mobile devices, but it’s likely that we’ll get the Reaver skin first. While we are all tuning in to Valorant First Strike matches, there’s been a possible leak on Twitter, one that could be very telling about the future of a Valorant mobile release.

ValorLeaks To The Rescue

Now, don’t get your hopes up. There’s no 100% confirmation of a Valorant mobile release, but this Twitter leak does look pretty telling. Valorant Leaks (ValorLeaks on Twitter). Their post has a list of all of the Valorant Mobile settings. Now, these could in theory also work on the Nintendo Switch, we think. After all, the touch-screen is possible in handheld mode for the Switch. One of the settings is “TrackballStyleAiming” and “TouchAimFiltering”, which makes sense for mobile/Switch. That would simply be swiping to the left and right to aim.


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