Valorant Leak Reveals New Escalation Mode Details

by in Valorant | Feb, 16th 2021

The reveal of Valorant’s first limited-time mode saw a leak before the actual announcement called Escalation. This could, of course, be incorrect or changed before the actual reveal, but so far, it seems credible. The idea is that we will have a fourth playlist to go along with the regular game, Spike Rush and Deathmatch. This new limited-time mode is going to be called Escalation, according to Valorant Leaks. If you’re interested in what the mode will be like, we’ve got you covered.

Gun Game Comes to Valorant?

This feels very much like a classic FPS game mode, “Gun Game.” In Gun Game, you gain new weapons by killing other players. You start with something smaller, and when a player scores a kill, your weapon upgrades. The first player to get through the weapon ladder wins the map. This is similar, according to the leak by Valorant Leaks about the Escalation mode. 

Escalation is a 5v5 mode in Valorant and is big on delivering kills instead of more tactical modes. According to Valorant Leaks, the Escalation mode will have 12 levels of weapons. The first team to reach the 12th level (or highest in ten minutes) wins the mode. It sounds outrageous and exciting, a nice change of pace for Valorant. 

Each level provides a new ability or weapon, and you gain them just by killing the other team’s members again and again. You will continuously have to work with new skills and guns as the match goes on. We do have an apparent list of Escalation Gear for the mode:

  • Level 1: Always either Raze’s Rocket Launcher or Vandal/Phantom Weapon
  • Level 2: Always either Vandal or Phantom
  • Level 3-11: A Variety of Weapons and Abilities
  • Level 12: Possibly Shorty, Classic, Knife, Shock Dart. Maybe even a Snowball Thrower.
  • Health Bags drop on death and last for ten seconds before disappearing.

Yes, we understand the 3-11 is varied, and we don’t have anything concrete. It’s probably very random, which makes the mode that much more exciting. The better you know the various weapons and skills, the better you will perform in a mode like this. It’s also important to note that your contribution to kills also matters. Your gear won’t upgrade unless you do your part. You have to deliver enough kills to the team’s score to grow. We don’t know when this mode will go live, but it’s probably going to be Episode 2, Act 2’s launch on March 2. As a limited-time mode, it won’t be around forever, but honestly? This mode sounds hilariously fun. 

Valorant’s a serious, competitive shooter, so having a wild, chaotic mode like this, where the goal is to splatter the other team until you hit the top of a Weapon Ladder, we’re hyped. Riot Games is pretty great at making limited-time modes, as you can see in League of Legends. This leak for Escalation mode in Valorant is again subject to change. But as it stands, it sounds fantastic. We hope to see more events like this in the future for Valorant. What kind of weapons/powers do you want to see on the list? We’d love to know on social media.


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