Valorant Leaderboards Have Finally Arrived

by in Valorant | Jan, 15th 2021

Now that Episode 2 is here in Valorant, one of the biggest updates has officially dropped. No, it’s not a new agent and not the ranked changes/update. No, it’s something way more important: Valorant Leaderboards! That’s right; now you can see where you and your friends stand in the grand scheme of things no matter what region you’re in.

Where Is the Leaderboard?

The Valorant Leaderboard is very much a living, breathing thing. It’s going to be sticking around and also has a search function. That way, you can look up your friends, pro players (if you know their IGN), or just the player that kept giving up kills and threw the game for you. The dropdown menu on the menu includes Acts 2 and 3 also, so I imagine it will remain much the same through those Acts.

You can find the actual Valorant leaderboard right here, where right now, Uncreative sits on top of the heap of the Top 500, with 39 Games Won as of this writing. Sure, this should have been in the game already, but we’re glad they took the time to make sure it functioned correctly and has a search feature built-in. While it didn’t show up immediately, we have it now, alongside the very much appreciated ranked changes.


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