Valorant Killjoy Glitch Lets Players Reach Higher Than Ever

by in Valorant | Aug, 28th 2020

Valorant glitches keep popping up! Recently we discussed the Wallbang bug, but today we have a fun Killjoy glitch in Valorant! This one uses a pretty common tactic, using Sage’s wall as a boost. It can reach some pretty high places, but what if we told you that you could go even farther? Even higher? That’s right, as of 1.06, that’s the reality we live in.

We have a feeling this might be patched sooner rather than later.

It’s Over! I Have the High Ground!

Today, we discovered that you could combine Killjoy and Sage to get higher than ever before and drop on unsuspecting enemies. Sure, it’s better to use Sage’s wall as a defensive option. But you can use it to lock people out of firing at you directly. If you’re of the sneaky minded type, you can do this instead.

This is very much the Xzibit of glitches. We put a boost in your boost, so you can boost while you are boostin’. This is almost certainly a glitch. Gwegwy first showed this off on YouTube through some shared clips. It’s very easy to replicate this move.

To activate the Valorant Killjoy glitch, drop a Killjoy turret, and place a Sage wall on top of it. As Sage places the wall, allies can jump and ride that wall to the top. Easy enough! This is how you can reach even higher than ever. It seems like this would be very useful on Ascend to double-boost and mow down the enemy team.

For example, you can go to A Heaven, and build the wall, so it goes up a gap in the wall. This lets you look down on players as they go by, and start unloading into them. It helps on all maps, making it wildly powerful.

Perhaps this will be patched out soon, but we won’t know for another week. Patch 1.07 drops a week from now. Of course, they could hotfix it, but we won’t be holding our breath. Is this a powerful glitch? Oh yes, it’s incredibly useful. We’re torn on if it’s worthy of being immediately removed or nerfed. We want to know, “Is this intended?” if the Sage-Reyna glitch is anything to go by, it won’t last very long.


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