Valorant is Forcing Offensive Names to be Changed, and It’s About Time

by in Valorant | Sep, 23rd 2020

Words and names have a lot of power. On that point, toxicity is more than simply screaming obscenities at other players, or typing angrily at another player in-game. Sometimes, the name of a player is just as upsetting. As an example, the writer of this piece is Jewish, and saw four different “Hitler was Right”-themed names in a single week. If you don’t think things like that are offensive, we don’t know what to tell you. However, we can tell you that Valorant is making a serious push to stop offensive names and making them change, and it’s about time.

Be Excellent To Each Other – Bill S. Preston, Esquire

You shouldn’t have to ask “Why is this happening?” or “What constitutes an offensive name?” either. It’s pretty clear what an offensive name is. Calling yourself a Jerk isn’t bad, but dropping a racial slur or a reference to one isn’t a good idea. If your user name is written to drag another person or race/ethnicity down, you can count on that being changed too. 

Valorant had this to say on Twitter:

“Baddies be gone: swifter justice will be served on reports for offensive player names that violate our Code of Conduct. Think hate speech, slurs, etc. The account of a reported player will then go through an automated check.

“If the account alerts our filter for disruptive names, then they will be forced to change their Riot ID the name time they log in to the Riot Client. This just another step of many we’re taking to make VALORANT truly welcome for all.”

The response is probably about what you expect. “What about free speech?” “It’s just a game grow up”, and things like that. People who tout “free speech” forget that freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences. 

A Much Needed Change

This is a good idea, and we’re glad the Valorant team is taking hateful and offensive names seriously, but what happens if the player just finds another sneaky way to rename into something equally monstrous? Will the rename system check for the new name being acceptable? What about repeated offenses from the same IP? We can’t help but wonder what this will actually do for the betterment of Valorant. We hope it helps cut back on the negative nature of online gaming. 

Sounds like it’s time for players to stop acting like horrible little monsters, and try to lift others up for a change. You’d be surprised at what being a good person, and not a horrid troll will do for you in a game. You might actually start winning if you spend less time being a monster, and more being a team player. Of course, that’s just hypothetical; but it might work!

We’re just glad Valorant is taking a hard stance on making their community welcoming to all, and look forward to further improvements.


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