Valorant is Considering Releasing Less Updates After How Poorly 1.11 Went

by in Valorant | Nov, 6th 2020

We’ve reported on a lot of fairly bad news today, but honestly? This one’s not so bad. Let’s be real though – Patch 1.11 of Valorant was an absolute trainwreck. It was a disaster the likes the game has yet to see. Hopefully, this does not happen again. At least Riot Games accepts that this has not gone down well, and we imagine we can expect less of these regular updates for Valorant. Riot Games is going to reassess the cadence by which they roll out Valorant updates, and it’s probably for the best.

Tale as Old As Time

Riot Games’ latest update for Valorant has, to say the least, not been a great one. From players being stuck in Left-Hand mode to secret changes for Agents that weren’t documented in the patch notes, it’s been a shambles. This patch was so bad, and so universally panned was rolled back for the First Strike Qualifiers. That’s how rough it’s been so far.

The community has pointed out the patch instability to the Valorant devs, and Arnar Gylfason (Senior Producer) responded with, “oof, yeah, this one stings”. It’s true though, things have been pretty bad for Valorant. It’s unfortunate because the game’s actually a lot of fun. We think we know the problem though, and it’s not a hard one to address. They kind of already have.

Less of the Valorant updates will allow for more time to polish and refine these updates. The reasons, according to Riot for the instability have been “internal process improvements”, “philosophical changes” and “investment in tooling and infrastructure”. Frankly, the solution is to just do fewer updates. This is essentially a Hero Shooter/CSGO hybrid.

We don’t need updates every two weeks! Riot Games has said they’ve considered slowing things down a bit. Gylfason spoke about this in a recent Q&A:

“We’ve been rigorously keeping to the two-week patch cadence since even before we started our Closed Beta. Even with the logistical challenges of working from home, the team has been—and continues being—incredibly passionate to get content and features out as quickly as possible, including moving up our maps release schedule.

“But it’s time to take a breath and take stock of what we need to do internally to make sure that our efforts are sustainable and hitting the quality bar you, our players, deserve.”

Frankly, we don’t need that many updates for the shooter. Just make the ones you drop meaningful and thoroughly tested. Patch 1.11 was supposed to be a huge move for Valorant esports at large. With Icebox, we can get a true best-of-five, when it comes to maps. Not everyone’s thrilled about the map, but, like it or not, it’s here to stay.

We understand that this is a very new thing for Riot Games to develop. League of Legends has had more than its share of unpopular updates and problems, but no bugs quite on this level, we think. So our advice is certainly to take a step back, put more time into updates. We’re willing to wait, we promise. Every online game hits snags and bumps in the road. As long as Riot learns from these problems and takes Valorant in a direction that continues to make it fun and competitive, that’s really what matters.

Take the time you need; we can wait.


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