Valorant Hints at a Bad Connection Warning for Lag Issues

by in Valorant | Mar, 26th 2021

One of the biggest issues with Valorant is all the lag problems. People disconnecting mid-game is among one of the most frustrating things in any online game, that’s for sure. Even worse when it’s you! Sure, people probably do it on purpose occasionally, but this is for those of you who have awful ping. The Riot developers are looking to add a connection warning when you’ve got high ping and are likely to disconnect in-game. 

Warning. Warning. WARNING

Team games don’t work when people disconnect mid-game. Suddenly, you’re at a 4v5 or a 5v6, depending on the game. You aren’t going to get a lot of sympathies either for DCing mid-game. You’re lucky if you get a report instead of reports and lots of swearing aimed your way. One of the Insight and Strategies devs, Aeneia, hinted in a Reddit thread that something is coming that may help this problem. Of course, if players decide to heed it, that is. If we can see more solutions for lag issues in Valorant, we would all be very happy as players.

The thread posts this suggestion by Vengtan. “Simply, when they want to queue a competitive game, add an “Are you sure you want to continue to a competitive game? Your internet connection is bad” popup, just like there is a popup when you want to exit the game. This would be very useful because then the poor people wouldn’t impact the whole team’s rank.”

In the Reddit thread in question, a player suggested that the game warn players when they have high latency/ping. That way, the player understands that they’ve got a high chance of disconnecting and ruining the game for everyone should they enter into a match. Aeneia responds. “I love seeing this! This is something we’ve actually discussed as a team. I can’t speak to any plans to build it or not, but I just wanted to validate your thoughts here: it’s a freaking great idea :). “EDIT: To follow up on others’ comments, it’s true that many folks end up getting connection issues in the middle of games. That’s why our new warnings and penalty system tells players, “Hey, you disconnected a lot last game. Fix yo stuff before jumping in again.” (Those exact words, I swear) …as you may guess, some players are still, indeed, queueing back up, lol. But not all of them!”

That sounds like a terrific idea. It’s true, though. Sometimes, these problems crop up in the middle of the game. But the notion that people see a message that warns them they have a bad connection or bad ping, we have to ask how many people would heed the warning. Not everyone, as Aeneia points out. 

While the dev clearly cannot state one way or another what is in the works, a fix like this sounds like a brilliant idea. If it already exists, it’s not an issue I have personally seen since I do not have a bad internet connection! I’m just glad that the problem is being looked at by Riot. Disconnecting and lag issues in Valorant are just the worst. 


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