Valorant Has Plans for Practice Mode While in Queue

by in Valorant | Oct, 9th 2020

Just sitting in a queue for a match in Valorant can be pretty boring sometimes. It’s that way in almost all games. That’s why Riot Games is discussing an oft-requested feature. Reportedly, Riot Games has plans for Valorant and being in a queue and also playing practice modes. The studio believes the “tech is feasible,” but it’s not quite what they’ve got in mind. If we aren’t going to get this kind of action, what does Riot Games have planned for us?

Technical, But Technically Expensive

Riot Games admits that tech can be implemented in Valorant. But there’s a catch. The resources wouldn’t be worth it for this. Instead, they’d like to put the resources to other things in Valorant.

“The tech is feasible to let you jump into the practice range while queuing,” said Jared Berbach, the lead games mode producer, in the recent Ask Valorant blog. “But we’ve been reluctant to pursue this because it is straight-up not efficient for what it’s accomplishing and we’re more excited about alternatives. Here’s why: A practice range ‘match’ is currently just as expensive for us to run on the server side as a standard 5v5 match, but the effort is about 10x less efficient per player because it is only serving one player at a time.”

It simply isn’t worth it to put something in the game right now from what we gather. This could happen in the future, but we wouldn’t hinge our hopes on it. However, according to rumor, Riot Games may be working on the next best thing. Sure, you won’t actively play practice mode while in a queue in Valorant, but what about an Aim Trainer?

Berbach teased hints that they have some alternatives in the works, including an Integrated Aim Trainer that players could use in queue. This would be very similar to the Practice Mode queue, in that you’d be actively improving your skills while waiting around.

“I mentioned a possible simple aim trainer that can scratch the trigger itch, and that could be a step to a future solution where you queue for something like FFA Deathmatch,” he said.

It’s not something they can slap into the game. It will take some tech and some work. We wouldn’t expect something like this until sometime in 2021. During this conversation, it was also said that Riot is aiming to let people join Deathmatch battles already in progress in early 2021. That could change with development (IE: possibly show up earlier).

We aren’t likely going to see some incredible Aim Trainer where you can swap through all the weapons and characters. It will probably be very simple for the interim, and it’s only a possibility right now. They have plans, but they aren’t set in stone. It’s something that would help Valorant. Aim Trainers/Practice Tools are key to the success of FPS players. You need to sharpen your skills constantly, and having it in-game, instead of going elsewhere, would be a serious boon.

Is this going to happen, or will it be a letdown? Let us know what you think can/should happen in regards to a Practice Mode Queue in Valorant or an Aim Trainer!


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