Valorant’s New Map Fracture Previewed in Reddit Video

by in Valorant | Sep, 4th 2021

Riot is gearing up to release the Valorant Fracture map shortly. In the map preview, we can see both lush greenery and an arid, sandy biome taking place in the same location, likely due to the influence of the flux event underneath the map. It seems Riot allowed exclusive partners to showcase the map ahead of its release, based on a video posted to Reddit. Now, everyone can visualize the map’s design and its unique pinched-defender spawn set-up.

Will Fracture Split Patience as Well as Teams?

The Valorant Fracture map layout provides attacks a multitude of approaches to either B or A site. Defenders will have to carefully consider how to cover as many approaches as possible as attackers can split to attack the same site or feign a rush to one site while attacking another. It may seem overwhelming for defenders, but some approaches for attackers are somewhat narrow, and clever lineups can funnel attackers to deny line of sight. 

Mobility agents should feel empowered by the map’s design as there are multiple opportunities to switch elevations on defense and approach. Cypher can Killjoy appreciate the narrowness of some approaches as creative use of their abilities can punish site rushes and set up easy kills. 

Another important thing to note is the four ultimate orbs on the map. Agents with quick ult buildup like Phoenix or Skye will be rewarded for confirming early kills with easy ult orb pick-ups. The inclusion of four ultimate orbs makes the chances for swift momentum shifts using specific agents incredibly viable. Ult economy on this map will surely become a secondary objective for both teams beyond defending and attacking. 

The one feature everyone is possibly most curious about are the ziplines going underneath the map. It’s not certain whether defenders can hear these ziplines used as the video contains no sound. Still, assuming defenders aren’t easily notified of their usage, these ziplines could enable difficult to counter attacks. 

Overall, the Valorant Fracture map looks refreshing, fun, and highly unusual for the tactical FPS genre. It won’t be surprising if changes happen to this map to facilitate competitive play in rank better. Still, the way it’s designed currently seems fun and inspired by older TF2 maps with its idiosyncratic design. 


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