Valorant Episode 2 Ranked System Gets a Massive Overhaul

by in Valorant | Jan, 12th 2021

Valorant is still very much a new game, so we’re bound to see changes. But with three ranked changes so far, it’s starting to feel a trifle silly. But this so far is a pretty sound decision. With Valorant Episode 2, the ranked system will see another overhaul, getting rid of the arrows. Instead, we’ll have a rank rating system that runs via points. It’s something that sounds far easier to manage. There will also be adjustments made to Immortal and Radiant. What is on the way?

Ranked Rating Lies Ahead

This new ranked system coming in Valorant Episode 2 looks like it makes a whole lot more sense. We’ll have “rank rating” and make the grinding through ladders at least visually easier to see and understand. Numbers make it to tell that we’re on the way up or dropping like a stone. The devs have this to say about the changes in general. “Many of our changes are made directly based on what we’ve heard from you all. Please keep letting us know your thoughts around these changes and rank in general. Our promise is to keep listening and making changes for years to come.”

This system is similar to the League of Legends LP system. The ranks split into three tiers. Hitting 100 RR points means you rank up. If you have 0 RR and lose, you demote. I’m very glad it doesn’t keep League’s promotion system of yore. That was not at all fun. At least, when you promote in a tier, players get a 10 RR buffer, so they don’t immediately de-rank if they lose. 

The Valorant Episode 2 ranked system also means that you can come back immediately after a loss. You won’t drop below 80 RR upon demotion, which is fantastic. What’s the RR point gain based on? It’s based on your and your team performance; this is a team game, after all. Exceptional performance at lower ranks can also lead to higher gains. What do you gain?

  • Minimum 10 RR gain on a win
  • Maximum 50 RR gain on a win
  • Minimum 10 RR loss on a loss
  • Maximum 30 RR loss on a loss
  • Maximum 20 RR gain on a draw
  • Iron to Diamond only. Immortal and Radiant is 0 RR.

There’s also going to be a leaderboard so players will know exactly where they stand.

If I know anything about competitive shooter players, they always want to be No. 1. They always want to be on top of the ladder! Riot Games will also adjust the number of players that can be Immortal and Radiant – likely going to be lowered, I imagine. We’ll have to see. This is all stuff that we’ve very much been hoping and waiting for. You will need 50 ranked games in an Act to hit the leaderboard and play at least once a week to keep your spot. You don’t decay, and your leaderboard rank is hidden until you play again. 

Ian “Brighteyz” Fielding and Jon “EvrMoar” Walker talked about the changes. “Our goal with our rank update was to show players that we are…listening by delivering on…the most consistent asks from the community: An easier to understand and fairer rank system, more rewarding recognition for your accomplishments, and a way to show who is the best of the best.”

While we’re talking ranked, Immortal is changing: No more Immortal 1, 2, and 3. It’s being condensed into one rank. As far as Radiant leaderboards go, the top 500 players in each region will be displayed. The Immortal leaderboards are the top 1% of players and unique per region. This is all that we can expect for now. However, Riot Games is always looking into what the community thinks about this. This all goes live with Valorant Episode 2, which is today! 


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