Valorant Devs Reveal Plans for Future Agents, Maps, Other Content

by in Valorant | Jun, 29th 2020

Feeling like your Valorant matches are already getting stale and predictable? Not to worry. Riot Games has heard your pleas for more content in the game and has revealed their plans to further enhance and expand the Valorant experience, including a new agent and maps.

“This is just the start for us, there’s always going to be something for us to work on,” Riot Supercakes said in the dev diary. “It’s not like the team has moved on to their next big game – this is their big game. They’re all hard at work on their next big things and that’s what I’m here to give you an update on today.”

New Valorant Agent Teased as Part of Act II

Even though we’re only a few weeks removed from Valorant’s launch, Riot is not sitting on their laurels. Within the first episode of Dev Diaries, the next agent has been teased, who seems to be holding some sort of Uzi or Submachine Gun. These could hint that the next new Valorant agent to be released will be a skirmisher and someone that is comfortable and has tools to win close range encounters.

This content and more are planned as part of Act II of Episode 1.

“Episodes are meant to last six months, with three acts per episode. Agents will release at the beginning of an Act, so we’re targeting about six agents per year. Episodes and Acts are also where we will begin telling the game’s story. We will be revealing more about that as we get closer to episode 2.”

Valorant will also be utilizing Battle Passes, a concept first made popular by Fortnite and continues to be used by other big games like Call of Duty. This means, as Valorant will release them around episodes, that each Battle Pass will last for around 60 days, which lines up with Seasons in other popular titles. Skins will also be released every week or two throughout the Episode. So why not just call them seasons?

“Depending on which game you’re joining us from, seasons can mean a whole host of things. It can mean a ranked reset, the beginning of an esports season. For us, it’s about getting all of those things to come together and make a game we’re really comfortable with, and once that happens we’ll be able to commit to when things start and end, whether that’s annually or not.”

Major features will likely launch at the beginning of an episode, too.

“We want the start of an episode to feel like an evolution of the game,” she continued. “So you can expect the big stuff to launch around then. That doesn’t mean we won’t be trying stuff out in between, but things like a map release or a major new feature will launch then.”

Valorant also announced that they are accelerating development on new game modes, beyond the core Bomb mode and Spike Rush.

“That team is just getting started. You are likely to see a new game mode before the launch of episode 2, but we’re not sure how often future game modes will be releasing just yet.”

Ranked Improvements Are Continuing

Ranked has been one of the most popular features of VALORANT since it launched and was much demanded by fans. Of course, it was also one of the development team’s biggest frustrations that it was not ready when the game shipped.

That being said, there are further developments coming for the mode.

“What you can expect over the next couple of months are things that you have been asking for since the mode’s launch,” she continued. “That’s things like early surrender (which already shipped,) timeouts, the ability to remake a match. We want to get more protection in there for streamers, and we want to get a number of UX improvements in there. Obviously, there will also be a regular cadence of bug fixes and balance fixes coming as well.”

Riot Keeping a Close Eye on Player Behavior

As with any game with a multiplayer, Valorant’s multiplayer experience has been fraught with trolls, racists, sexists, and other ne’er-do-wells that make chat an unpleasant experience. That’s something that Riot is hoping to remedy with further steps.

“There are players out there that are determined to make the experience as poor as possible for everyone. We aren’t doing enough about that, and I made a huge commitment at launch and I meant it. I have funded a team of humans focusing on nothing else and you’ll see their work rolling out over the coming months. But we could really use your help. Like any system it needs data to get stronger. Please use the reporting system and let us know when you see bad behavior. We’re working on systems that let you know when your reports had an action taking on them. Please know we are actively banning and restricting people based on those reports, so please keep reporting so we can make the game a better place.”

Of course, player behavior is far from the only issue facing Valorant at present. Cheaters have been somewhat prevalent since the game’s beta, but it seems that Riot is happy with their progress, which has included banning over 10,000 cheating accounts (at least,) since the game’s beta.

“I think we more or less have a handle on the cheaters,” SuperCakes said. “But that will continue to be an ongoing battle.”

Riot says that all of these features should be rolling out around the launch of episodes, with the smaller changes and ongoing issues to combat being fought on a continuous basis. A new Valorant agent will go a long way to keeping fans entertained, but only time will tell how consistently Riot can keep these updates coming.


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