Valorant Devs Confirmed Dedicated Tournament Servers Are on the Way

by in Valorant | Nov, 20th 2020

In the latest Ask Valorant blog, tournament servers have been officially confirmed by Riot Games, so that’s great news! Valorant’s had a kind of rough time of things thanks to how 1.11 went, so positive news like this is a boon for the fps. Now, these dedicated servers shouldn’t be expected soon, but they will happen, so we’re just glad about that. This news came courtesy of Riley Yurk, Valorant’s esports strategy manager.

Tournament Realms

This will likely work just like the servers that League of Legends’ tournaments takes place on. The dedicated servers confirmed for Valorant will be called “Tournament Realms.” The idea here is that the Valorant team will have greater control over what esports matches are played in.

Yurk points out for the First Strike series, they were going to use a separate patchline for the main event, but this wound up releasing early. We want a tournament to exist on the same patch it started on, after all. A mid-tournament update would potentially be a disaster. This will return for the First Strike main event from Dec. 3-6.

“In the future, we’ll have fully flushed out Tournament Realms that will give us even more control over the environment that esports is played on,” Yurk said. “We’ll have specific rules around what patches can be used for certain tournaments to help create the best environment for competitive play. We’re extremely focused on competitive integrity and will continue to adapt our plans in collaboration with both devs and players.”

After all, if it isn’t broke, why fix it? League of Legends has an excellent system for setting up tournaments. If they can keep a similar system with dedicated tournament servers that Valorant confirmed, it can only be a good thing. The next big query would be to find out if other significant events would have access to these Tournament Realms. We imagine the answer will be “yes.”

Valorant’s esports scene is still growing and is picking up steam. It was becoming desired and hyped up without official Riot Games support. What’s going to happen when we see more of what Riot can do with a Valorant esports series? We have a good feeling about what this could mean for the Valorant fans and players alike. When is this coming to pass? Sadly, not anytime soon, we imagine.


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