Valorant Devs Adjust Skill Disparity in Ranked Matchmaking for Act 3

by in Valorant | Oct, 5th 2020

One of Valorant’s biggest issues is that when players go to play Ranked, they are often matched up against players at the very edges of the allowed skill disparity, leading to scenarios where players in Bronze are constantly up against players in Gold, and so forth.

This is addressed, thanks to a new update on competitive changes in Act 3. The Act will end on Oct. 10 and the new one soon after, which led Riot to post these changes now to get players ready ahead of time.

Instead of the six rank disparity that players are allowed to group up with, it is being restricted to only three ranks. It might make it significantly harder to play Valorant with your friends if you haven’t played together, but it will make the solo queue experience much more fun and viable. It should also improve the odds that each match you play is fair.

Why Is Riot Adjusting the Ranked Matchmaking in Valorant?

As it turns out, the main goal for Riot was to enhance the options for social play, so as you would invite your friends to play Valorant with you often. This was probably a good move for a game right off the bat, but it’s now become clear that this isn’t great for the game’s long-term health.

“When we were first setting up ranked for launch, one big goal we had was to embrace social play, to let players from wider skill disparities play together,” said David Cole, a designer on Valorant. “…But while the former values of social play are important, they should never come at the expense of your ranked accomplishments.”

The new ranking means that a player will queue up with a player who says, Platinum 3, but not as high as Immortal 3 if they are in Diamond 3. This should lead to far less Immortal players running around during Diamond games, and so forth, meaning that you should still have a fighting chance. However, you could be out of luck if you’re much better than the game than your friends and might lead to these players trying to grind an account to the desired rank rather than where they actually should be.

What Else Is Riot Changing?

More changes are coming to ranked competitive play as well. Immortal play and higher are looking to be limited to two players and have public leaderboards for high-ranking players.

Riot is also looking at options for players who like to queue together that have a wide disparity in skill brackets, likely including their queue. These options will be revealed early next year, likely in Episode 2. They know that these changes will likely make that group unhappy as they can no longer play with their friends, but want to assure them that while their voices and concerns are heard, the game’s competitive integrity comes first.

Riot has also hinted that a new map at the very least will be coming with this Valorant patch, as they are already tweeted a teaser with five written in Russian. The new map will be Valorant’s fifth and is sorely needed as gameplay variety has been one of the biggest complaints about Valorant thus far from its playerbase.


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