Valorant Data Miners Discover First Free for All Deathmatch Map

by in Valorant | Jul, 10th 2020

An industrious Valorant data miner named Mangoeleaks from Valorant Express has discovered that Riot is working to add the Free for All Deathmatch mode to the game far sooner than expected. The first map that is apparently being adapted to the FFA DM mode is Ascent. 

“It looks like Riot is laying the outline for a FFA mode!!!,” they said on Reddit. “Based on these .umap files, it looks like Riot is testing FFA on Ascent first, and the map will be updated as well.”

This is in addition to a number of new effects, skins, new orbs being added to Spike Rush, and Xbox Support being hinted at for Valorant in the future, thanks to these files. 

Riot has previously commented on when a free for all deathmatch mode might be coming to Valorant as well.

“While I can’t commit to a specific launch date yet, I can say this is a player desire that our team hears loud and clear,” Jared Berbach, Producer and product lead for game modes on VALORANT said. “We’re starting to build out some of the necessary technology we’d need to support a Deathmatch-type mode. The desire for a game type that translates heavily to warming up, fragging out, gun skill, and shooting at “live targets” to improve your aim resonates with us both as competitors and as developers.”

They’ve also hinted at other future modes and content, too, and broke down their philosophy on this in early June.

“We want to bias toward putting new modes in the community’s hands as fast as possible and evolving those modes along with the players. We want to see and hear your feedback! What kinds of modes do you want to see in VALORANT? What kind of VALORANT experience do you want that we aren’t currently satisfying? How can we help you scratch that itch?”

Why Do Fans Want a Valorant Deathmatch Mode in the First Place?

One of the biggest problems that Valorant is facing right now is the ability to attract a casual core audience. Many players who play games like Overwatch love the ability to just jump into a game with their friends in what some would consider a low pressure environment. After all, when you die in that game, you respawn in a couple of seconds, ready to click more heads and jump on the objective. 

A free for all deathmatch mode would solve this issue for Valorant players, especially those that aren’t used to playing Tactical shooters in the first place. The gunplay is a lot less arcadey than those games and takes some getting used to. While Spike Rush does offer players a more casual experience, the orbs in that mode offer another dimension that players have to learn on top of just learning how the characters function and the guns play. 

This is especially true if you’re a veteran player and are trying to get your more casual friends to hop on and learn the game. A big part of competitive play in Destiny, for instance, is introducing people to PVP through the more arcadey deathmatch mode before interacting with the mode that actually punishes you and your team for dying. In that way, Valorant was kind of developed backwards, with more of a focus on competitive play and esports before the arcade experience, which many would see as a good thing. Why the game wasn’t kept in beta long enough for this more casual mode is anyone’s guess, likely trying to keep the hype of the beta going – but it could have been at the game’s detriment at launch, as some casual players may have tried the game but found it too difficult to get into or get used to. 

Another reason for a deathmatch mode, in general, is just for warmups before you jump into a real match. One of the worst feelings is having to sit through an entire game that you botched because your aim and reactions weren’t quite ready to get into a real game. Free for all deathmatch would offer a low-pressure place in Valorant to do that. At present, the best place to do that is Spike Rush, but as we mentioned before, that comes with its own set of mechanics to deal with that have nothing to do with aiming, movement, or anything like that. This is probably the biggest reason that veteran FPS players have been requesting the mode – without deathmatch, they’ve been having to warm up by playing an unranked game, which could take up to 40 minutes. This is a significant time investment just to warm up and doesn’t offer quite as many opportunities and combat situations as a deathmatch game would. 


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