Valorant Community Claim the Operator is OP and Riot Responds

by in Valorant | Aug, 28th 2020

What is considered the most powerful class in virtually every FPS? That’s right, it’s the Sniper. They sit out of sight, and typically only need a bullet or two to drop any player dead in their tracks. Valorant is no different, and the Operator is considered to be wildly OP in the game. Why is that? Those who know the angles to fire from can nail one-shot kills and make it look oh so easy.

He’s not easy to counter at all, and the community has been speaking out non-stop. However, Riot Games responded to the criticism.

“We Think the Operator Isn’t ‘Too OP’”

Back on August 27th, Riot responded to this criticism in the “Ask VALORANT” blog, addressing a variety of issues. These ranged from footsteps to update times but, in particular, the Operator being a real threat to the enjoyment of the game.

What does the Riot team think about the Operator’s power level? Is it over 9000? Nicholas “NIckwu” Smith spoke about this specifically:

“We think the Operator isn’t “too OP” but do believe that the feeling sometimes comes from a lack of personal agency against the weapon (for Agents that don’t have tools to break line of sight for themselves), coupled with an overwhelming amount of team coordination to effectively counter an Operator. We’re looking into a lot of avenues to help smooth out the experience but we do believe the Operator should be powerful and should encourage a team to thoughtfully enter a space where it might be in play.”

Nickwu went into greater detail though. They tried versions of the game where the Operator wasn’t as strong as it is right now. The developers discovered that without moments where teams were required to work around and strategize against the Operator, the game felt more about rushing a victory instead of tactical action.

That’s a fair assessment, but that doesn’t really answer the question. They do point out that “no changes now doesn’t mean no changes ever”, but it sounds like Riot games don’t think the Operator in Valorant is OP.

A pro player, TenZ offered that some changes, such as scope sounds, would help make it feel less overwhelming, that way, the players can have an idea of what awaits them. It does sound like the general consensus is that the Operator in Valorant is OP, but a few minor tweaks could fix him.

On a personal level, this player enjoys seeing excellent sniper gameplay, but as long as they have weaknesses that can be exploited, or don’t feel completely OP in all situations, it’s fine. It does not feel like the Valorant community feels that way though.

The ability to just obliterate players who are at full health with one shot, maybe two? That’s just not fun. We understand the need for deep, tactical gameplay, but when a team can build around one player who just melts the other players with sniper round after sniper round? That is not an enjoyable time, not at all. We’ll have to see what the future holds.

Where do you stand? Is the Operator fine, and people just whine a lot? Or is some change necessary?


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