Valorant Commits to ‘Higher Standard’ of Patches, Issues Bug Fixes in 1.12

by in Valorant | Nov, 10th 2020

The Valorant team at Riot had a mess on their hands when they released patch 1.11, one that required the servers to be rolled back to their previous state, and the patch itself redeployed later. As a result of that, they have committed to a higher standard of patches for Valorant, and will be decreasing the size of Patch 1.12 to compensate. 

As part of this initiative and commitment to a higher standard of patches, the Valorant team says they will likely be skipping their next patch cycle and releasing 1.13 on or around December 8. 

Why Is Riot Taking Longer With Valorant Patches?

Given that Valorant patches have been coming out every two weeks since the Closed Beta, some fans may wonder why Riot has decided to slow down. It seems that 1.11 was a lot of hard lessons learned for the team. 

“Our day zero patch stability has honestly been far below our own expectations recently,” Arnar Gylfason, Senior Producer on Valorant said.  “There are many different reasons for this, from internal process improvements we have to make, to some philosophical changes we should consider, investment in tooling and infrastructure. Honestly, we could even include maybe slowing down a bit.”

This commitment to a two week period seems to have bit them in the behind a bit – the timetable putting pressure on Riot to ship a patch perhaps before it’s even ready. 

“We’ve been rigorously keeping to the two week patch cadence since even before we started our Closed Beta,” Gylfason continued. “Even with the logistical challenges of working from home, the team has been—and continues being—incredibly passionate to get content and features out as quickly as possible, including moving up our maps release schedule. But it’s time to take a breath and take stock of what we need to do internally to make sure that our efforts are sustainable and hitting the quality bar you, our players, deserve.”

Riot will be examining their tools and roadmap to make sure that a disaster on the scale of 1.11 never happens again – even if it means they have to delay Valorant patches to do it, as they are with 1.13, or make lighter patches as in this one, 1.12. 

“We want this to be as transparent as possible so you know what improvements to expect and what to hold us accountable for,” Gylfason concluded. “So we’ll get back to you before we leave on holiday break with an overview and roadmap of what actions we’ll be taking.”

What Does This Mean for Valorant Esports?

Given the disaster of Patch 1.11 and the rollback of the live patch to ensure esports integrity, many fans have been asking Riot what happened, and want to make sure it will never happen again. Indeed, scheduling for patches around tournaments has long been one of the biggest facts of life for developers of a competitive title, and should have a roadmap around it. It turns out that Riot agrees.

“Due to the super dense qualifier schedule happening around the world in the month leading up to the First Strike main event, we had few dates that could both avoid being disruptive to qualifiers and provide the runway of four weeks for Icebox,” Riley Yurk, Valorant Esports Manager said. “We erred on the side of releasing patch 1.11 before most of the qualifiers kicked off, but it ended up not quite stretching to account for the NA Qualifiers. We considered it painful but ‘okay,’ given all of the constraints we were working with (and shared patch notes early to those competitors). Smash cut to today, and I think we’re dealing with the worst-case scenario of disruption.”

A lot of the issues with Patch 1.11 in Valorant actually were mistakes made because Riot was forced to frontload Icebox and other features into that patch, rather than waiting for Patch 1.12 to cause minimal disruption to First Strike. That ended up having the opposite effect. Instead, Riot’s taken a new tact to prevent disruption to the event.

“Anyway, to avoid having the first NA Qualifier played on two different patches, we’ve unlocked a separate instance where the remaining 16 teams will conclude the tournament on patch 1.10,” Yurk said. “In the meantime, the live game was updated to patch 1.11 on Nov. 2. These are definitely some growing lessons we’re learning as we stand up the esport scene and game at the same time.”

Below you can find the patch notes for Valorant Patch 1.12.

Valorant Patch 1.12 Notes


  • Act Rank Badges are disabled in-game while we investigate a potential issue where they may be causing performance hitches in-game. Your Act Rank Badge will still display in Competitive lobbies, map load in, and on the end-of-game screen.
  • The Competitive team will continue to investigate the system to work towards a holistic fix in a future patch.
  • Big shout out to Kevin.



  • Observers no longer hear ping audio
  • Improved sightline visibility in well-lit areas
  • Added Game State Modification cheat to allow moderators to adjust various aspects of the game (player stats, money, etc.) in a tournament setting
  • Rolled back fixed team colors change from 1.11
  • This was causing some confusion as people have started to associate red with attack, and green with defense
  • There were a couple bugs causing certain UI elements to display in the wrong color
  • We plan to bring this feature back in the future, when we finish adding support for custom team colors.


  • We have redesigned the Open/Close Party toggle to make it easier for players to understand whether they are in an open or closed party
  • Observers will now appear as “in game” in the social panel
  • Observers can now view and type in /all chat in custom games


  • Added a new user interface for custom game observers during character select


  • Fixed a bug where leaving/disconnecting from a Custom Game would result in a VAL-51 error, requiring the game to be remade in order for the player to rejoin
  • Fixed a bug in the end-of-game screen after an Icebox match that displayed Haven’s map, and would incorrectly display timeline markers
  • Fixed issue where players could target mid-air (dropped) weapons with some abilities
  • Left handed mode: fixed recoil animation being incorrectly mirrored (mismatching actual weapon recoil)
  • Fixed overlapping Observer UI when a player is planting/defusing
  • Fixed inconsistent team coloring on minimap pings
  • Fixed rare issue where Observer camera transition visuals could get stuck when swapping between player views


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