Valorant Cheaters Will Have to Admit Their Guilt When Receiving Permaban

by in Valorant | Jul, 7th 2020

One of the things about cheating is there’s no real sense of guilt. Players get punished and move on with their lives. Usually, they already have a backup account ready to go. At least, in Valorant, those served up a permaban will have to do a little something extra. For those who choose to ruin others’ games, they’ll have to own up to their guilt with a little something more.

Joe Ziegler tweeted about this recently, a new cheater pop-up! It’s coming to Valorant soon, and those who have cheated will have to click on an “I Understand” button as a form of acknowledging their wrongdoings. Now, whether they learn from it or not is a matter of opinion.

But we think/hope they will. We spoke about bans in Valorant recently, so here’s a little extra information.

Count Up Your Sins

Cheaters we feel, don’t care about who they hurt. It’s all about them getting their wins. But it’s harming the gameplay experience. They aren’t proving how good they are. All these cheaters do is rob others of the experience of getting better or showing off.

Valorant is serious about these permabans. There’s also talk about, in addition to banning the account, detected cheaters in Valorant will receive an HWID ban. That’s in addition to the account permaban. What’s an HWID ban? It’s a hardware ID ban. So the computer itself is banned. Using that computer, you can never play again.

Sure there’s probably a way around it, but those caught will be punished. The developers want to make sure that those people who are ruining the game stop doing it. Those who do cheat and get a permaban in Valorant will have to buy a whole new computer essentially. Oh, and whatever expensive software you had, you have to replace that too.

Is it worth another couple grand to try and cheat? Cheating isn’t acceptable either way, but you have to balance out if it’s worth it. So, on top of the hardware ban, a permaban, you also have to click a button that shows you admit to the wrongdoing.

Here’s what Ziegler had to say: “Heads up! Our platform team has put in a new system that will be going live soon that will inform players if they have been banned and for what reason when they log in. If you’re someone this affects, you’ll receive a message that looks like something this (with appropriate wording).”

It might not seem like much, but I think it will help a little. The player will know what they’ve done, and perhaps then it will dawn on them how much this experiment in hacking/cheating has cost them. In a perfect world, nobody would cheat in competitive games. In casuals, personally, this writer cares very little. But it’s still wrong and disgusting. Just get good and practice!


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