Valorant Castle Map Teaser Shown During First Strike Korea

by in Valorant | Dec, 8th 2020

There could be another awesome map coming to Valorant in the future! During the hype-filled Valorant First Strike Korea, a teaser revealed this mysterious castle map. If seeing how incredibly skilled the Korean teams weren’t enough to get you excited, this could be the start of yet another new venue to do battle in. Icebox isn’t exactly a popular map, but hopefully whatever comes next will be different! We don’t know what this map really is, but we can assume it will drop sometime in Episode 2.

Maybe when Episode 2 actually gets here for Valorant? That’d be a great way to start a new season of content.

Firefight at the Valorant Manor

This teaser came during the Valorant First Strike Korea opening ceremony. What we were treated to was a classic medieval castle, complete with winding staircases, and a stern steel gate. Now this would be a fun map to watch an FPS on. There’s no official confirmation that this is a real map, but we have a feeling Valorant wouldn’t just show off such an intricate locale for nothing.

The tease was brief, but we like what it could mean. Not having every area look like future tech come to life is a solid idea. It wouldn’t be too different from Overwatch in that regard, as it combines future and fantastic aesthetics. Having tight corridors and huge gaping castle hallways to fight in sounds very promising. I can just see people hiding up in a steep tower, sniping their opponents, knowing full well there’s nowhere to escape but down

This brief teaser of a Valorant castle map came while the DokTeuk Crew broke down some sick dance moves to the sounds of Valorant itself. The clip does not show a lot, but you can see it right here, courtesy of TheM0rri. We like what this represents though. Sure, Riot Games has shown they know how to make awesome futuristic areas, but why not shake it up? Surely, even after the events that go down in Valorant, some long-standing castles still exist. 

What would make it interesting is if the castle was in disrepair. A dilapidated castle with areas to shoot through and down into would make for sick matches. There’s so much speculation to go around though! We’re going to keep our eyes on this to see if anything actually comes of the teaser, but we’re betting that a reveal will come sooner rather than later.


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