Valorant Audio Leak Hints at New Agent Killjoy Abilities and More

by in Valorant | Jul, 14th 2020

One of the biggest questions on the fans of Riot’s new hit FPS Valorant has been when we will see new agents hit the game, and what they will look like. Thanks to a recent blog post detailing how episodes and acts will work, we know that the next agent should be on its way within the next few months. Thanks to an industrious data miner, we have a pretty good idea of both the agent’s name and their abilities.

The new Valorant agent’s name seems to be code-named Killjoy, and if his audio is anything to go off of, it seems that he will employ turrets or some sort of automated weaponry that the rest of the cast does not have access to.

What Leaked for Valorant’s Killjoy Agent?

Thanks to Valorant Express, we have some ideas on the sound effects for the new agent. Given that all of the guns in the game already have their sound effects, it seems likely that all of these gunshot sound effects directly tied to Killjoy’s abilities. And what else would fire its shots but turrets of some sort?

There’s no indication from the files whether this is a stationary or mobile turret, however, as there were no tread sound effects discovered as of yet. However, there was some laser charge sound effect, so either the turret has two modes of fire or a secondary shot deployed as one of his other abilities.

Killjoy’s ultimate is hard to discern what it is, but it seems to have a pretty long active window as the sound effect ran for nearly 10 seconds.

While we don’t have any official art of what Killjoy will look like in Valorant, we have seen her silhouette in the most recent developer video from Valorant. The silhouette suggests that she specializes in mid-range combat, due to the presence of a SMG in her silhouette.

What Would the Effect of Turrets Be on the Valorant Meta?

If you’ve been a fan of the FPS genre for any length of time, you know that turrets are a divisive idea in an FPS. This is mainly because the characters that have utilized turrets, especially when they aren’t available to the whole cast, can either be overpowered or have the turrets be so weak that they are virtually useless (giving a hard look at Overwatch’s Torbjorn here).

These turrets could be very effective at guarding bombsites when your team rotates to the wrong site and needs the intelligence back at the other site. Of course, this would all be down to how long the turret lasts, and how hard it might be to be killed.

This sort of recon information isn’t unprecedented within Valorant, as Cypher also has similar technology. The key difference, and what players may not like about turrets, is the potential to die from them perhaps a little too quickly.

Indeed, a good Killjoy player could easily set up a kill box type situation; wherein he sets up a turret then flanks the same location. A player has to decide which is the bigger threat, the AI aim of the turret, or the player with the more powerful weapon. It also might create a split second of confusion, allowing the Killjoy player to secure the kill in Valorant.

Of course, it’s very hard to say without seeing the abilities for sure and how they might break down, but it is certainly interesting to speculate about as the hype for the next agent ramps up. It’s worth noting that these sound effects could be placeholders, and the name of the agent might change before release as this could be an internal placeholder name.

The next Valorant agent should release at the end of the current episode, or in about two months.


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