Valkyrae Talks Why She Took a Break From Streaming

by in Entertainment | Jan, 19th 2021

Valkyrae recently took a short break from streaming on Youtube and took to the platform recently to explain why. Valkyrae’s 29, and one of the most popular female content creators on Youtube, after all. Her name holds a lot of weight. She also recently edged out the most-watched female streamer over Pokimane and that’s no small feat. We all need a break now and again, but Valkyrae goes into what led to hers, and the positive changes she has planned for herself.

Contracted Agreements

On January 17th, Valkyrae discussed why she took that brief break from Youtube. Don’t worry, it’s nothing inherently terrifying. She had this to say during her Reddit Recap stream:

“I signed a contract with YouTube a year ago and as some of you didn’t know and some of you did learn later, I have streaming hours to fulfill and I owe 100 hours a month, but I went a little crazy and streamed too much last year which is very bad for my health.”

It’s important to not overdo it. If she kept going at the pace she did last year, Valkyrae would likely burn out or harm her own mental/physical well-being. Nobody wants that, either. Valkyrae points out that it’s probably time for her to start acting like an adult, so she’s changing her lifestyle for the better.

Valkyrae’s health isn’t perfect – she has problems with her gut-health and has an auto-immune skin disease. To help deal with this, Valkyrae is going to eating healthier and will be cooking at home more often. This isn’t to say she’s stopping, far from it. Valkyrae is just making some healthier changes. I imagine we can expect more cooking streams and content to help inspire others. We’re glad Valkyrae took that brief break from Youtube and told us why at least.

There’s no sense in overdoing it, and this shows streamers of all levels that sometimes you have to take time away. Even if it’s a few days to do things with loved ones, do not overdo it. Burning yourself out because you feel you must is not a healthy attitude to have. So be safe, be smart, and have fun.


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