Valkyrae Says YouTube Streaming is the “Only Option” for Twitch Stars

by in General | Nov, 30th 2021

YouTube continues to be a topic of discussion. In a recent video, Valkyrae, one of the biggest names on the platform, has come out to say that streaming on YouTube is the only real option for the big Twitch stars. Disguised Toast recently talked YouTube, saying that other platforms are better to start on compared to Twitch. Is YouTube the place to be? It sure sounds like it, but what did Valkyrae have to say on the matter?

Valkyrae Says YouTube Cares

This discussion is aimed more at the bigger streamers looking to change to YouTube streaming instead of Twitch. That isn’t to say YouTube isn’t decent for up-and-coming streamers, but for people looking at big numbers, this may be the move. After all, Valyrae signed a pretty big deal with YouTube in 2020. According to Valkyrae, the big difference between the two platforms is that “they care” and support their top talent. She says they work with the top talent to improve the site, and Twitch doesn’t do that. Now, if only they would have listened to talent saying the dislike button removal was a bad idea. 

In this recent video, Valkyrae spoke about the reason she shifted from Twitch to YouTube. “That was one of the biggest reasons why I was very happy to move from Twitch to YouTube [in January last year] because the people behind the scenes made it very clear that they value my opinions. It’s that kind of thing that makes them the only real option, I think. They pulled me from this whole other company. They always want to treat me well, and they’re always checking in to see if I’m doing okay, seeing what else I need. We work closely together and if I have something that I want them to do for the channel or website, they’re always like, ‘done!'”

She says that YouTube makes her feel valued, while Twitch doesn’t. It sounds like so many people on Twitch have deals, and people aren’t all making worthwhile money. Exclusivity is a big deal with those large streamers, and it’s also something streamers that are still on the rise should be considering. If those platforms see numbers in you, they may want to try and sign you to an exclusive deal. 

“You know, YouTube is looking to sign more streamers,” she said at the time. “Yeah, they are. The streaming side of the platform has a lot of room to grow. They’re working on and focusing on it. I’m happy here. Seeing how hungry they are is exciting. I’m not biased, but YouTube doesn’t have ads, and we’re working on a lot of other things.”

Valkyrae opened up about something very important, though, that made it hard: the fanbase. When she began the process, she worried her Twitch fanbase wouldn’t want to switch. She was worried about “abandoning” them. Many streamers have tried moving off Twitch, say to Facebook, or in this writer’s case, to Mixer. Many viewers don’t want to leave their favorite emotes behind and aren’t keen on starting a new platform. 

Valkyrae is incredibly happy on YouTube, all told, and firmly stands with the streaming platform as a move for stars instead of Twitch. However, her YouTube contract meant stability, and that’s very important. When streaming, it’s something to consider: which platform will offer the best money and which one values your input more.


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