Valkyrae Opens Up With a Response To RFLCT Backlash

by in General | Oct, 22nd 2021

The Valkyrae’s “RFLCT” skincare product was called a scam and warranted a response from the Stream Queen. She said the criticism was valid and made her response a clear one. The original announcement for RFCLT by Valkyrae was loud and openly ridiculed, creating the need for this response. She seemed confused about the launch, and that there was a lack of communication. It took two days to get a response, but she said that she was told to keep quiet for the time being. At best, this RFLCT product is misleading. But what did Valkyrae say in response to the RFLCT backlash?

A Response About RFLCT

The initial reveal was met with immediate scorn, hate, and ridicule. Some said Valkyrae was scamming her young fanbase because they’ll buy whatever she pitches. Others said it was fairly misleading, and that it’s at best, just soap. Skincare is incredibly important, and can often be expensive. With that in mind, it’s understandable that people were upset about the RFLCT skincare line. Valkyrae spoke about it in a voice message on Twitter:


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