Valkyrae Leaks YouTube Gifted Subs and Prime Gaming-Like Loot

by in General | Sep, 23rd 2021

Valkyrae is one of the biggest streamers in the industry and so it is likely that she has some insight into what her streaming platform, YouTube Gaming, is up to these days. In fact, she recently name-dropped some of the features coming to the service in the future, like YouTube gifted subs and more. 

Valkyrae Leaks YouTube Gaming Features

News of this comes from a recent stream that Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter had on YouTube live in which she was talking about the YouTube Gaming service with her community. During this chat, it was noted that there are some features that are missing from the service compared to its direct competitor, Twitch. In the midst of this discussion, Valkyrae reassured her fans that these features are known to be missing from the YouTube Gaming lineup and that some of them are being worked on right now. These features would allow the newer service to be more on par with what Twitch currently offers. 

In fact, Valkyrae did not even mind name-dropping some of the features, essentially leaking their existence before any official announcement is made for them, presumably in the near future. For starters, she noted that there is no sort of Twitch Prime-like membership or at least its perks for now. Though it does have a membership service on YouTube Gaming in which you can join the membership of some of your favorite YouTubers and send them some money each month, it is quite independent and not necessarily as cohesive as the Twitch Prime and subscription service that it has. 

YouTube Gaming Features Are Somewhat Lacking Right Now

Sure, you can subscribe to your favorite YouTubers on the platform, but that is just similar to following them on Twitch so that you easily see videos and livestreams when they are first happening. YouTube Gaming does have the more traditional subscriptions that fans expect from Twitch in the form of joining someone’s community. Paying a few dollars a month will grant access to exclusive perks, emotes, and other features to use when interacting with that particular YouTuber to show off your support. However, the system is a bit disjointed and not as lucrative as the Twitch Prime way of handling it. 

In the case of Twitch Prime, subscribing to that service gives you one free sub every single month to give to someone that you really love watching live. Furthermore, the service comes with some other perks, like free loot, and other goodies that make subscribing to it worth it for many Twitch fans out there. However, YouTube Gaming does not currently have its own Twitch Prime-like service and this is something that the community noted when speaking with Valkyrae during her recent stream this week. Fortunately, she was fine with leaking info about it to reassure her viewers that they are coming after all.

YouTube Gifted Subs and Prime-Like Service Leaked

The 100 Thieves co-owner noted that while YouTube Gaming does not have its own version of Prime at this time, YouTube is working on it and it is coming sometime down the road. She did not give too many details about how this YouTube Gaming subscription would work, but that it is sort of Prime but not Prime. That sounds pretty vague but at least confirms that it is being worked on and will likely work slightly differently from the Twitch Prime service. Furthermore, there is another feature that is in the works and that is the highly anticipated YouTube gifted subs feature. 

Part of the fun of Twitch Prime is having the sub that you can give to your favorite streamer and the ability to gift subs to other people in the community. This leads to those precious moments where someone says something cool in the chat and a generous other viewer gifts them with subs. Or, better yet, a huge milestone happens for the streamer, so someone celebrates by gifting 20 subs randomly to users in the chat with them. These moments are amazing and it looks like YouTube could get it, too, soon with the leak of the YouTube gifted subs feature.

We do not know yet when the YouTube gifted subs feature will come to YouTube Gaming, but it is great to know that it is in the works. Right now, the select YouTubers who do have subscriptions each month available for them are relatively cheap, so hopefully, a YouTube Prime-like service would be relatively similar to Twitch’s version. Having the ability to pick one YouTuber a month to gift your sub to and then have the option to even give subscriptions to other users in the community will help to really liven up what is otherwise a pretty barebones competitor to Twitch at this time in terms of perks. 

Hopefully Free Loot Will Be Part of the Service

Adding YouTube gifted subs and a service similar to Prime will start to change that, though, and make YouTube Gaming a more promising platform overall. When the inevitable service similar to Prime comes out, it will also be interesting to see if it has the Prime Gaming loot perks to it, too. One of the notable features of the former Twitch Prime Gaming service was the ability to get free cosmetic and other in-game items for various titles out there, like Apex Legends, Genshin Impact, Smite, and many more. Each month, there are different offerings, further making the deal worth the monthly subscription as you might have seen with our frequent posts about the Apex Legends free skins that are released through Prime Gaming.

To keep on par with Twitch Prime, it would be nice to see the YouTube Gaming version offer similar content. It could start out small, understandably so, but with the popularity of YouTube, would hopefully grow over time to encompass some of the major games out there, too. For now, we will have to just wait and see for the features Valkyrae leaked to come out. 


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