Valkyrae’s 50-Person Rust Stream Hassled by DDoS Attacks

by in General | Dec, 28th 2020

Rust does, unfortunately, have one of the most toxic communities on the internet. So when we saw a group of the biggest streamers on the ‘net coming together to play an ambitious 50-player game of Rust we were pretty curious. We weren’t shocked (but definitely disappointed) to hear DDoS attacks plaguing this Rust stream, including Valkyrae, Myth, shroud, and so many more. However, Valkyrae ended her stream early, and it seemed pretty clear she was not having a good time. This led to concern from her fans and the #ValkyraeSupport hashtag on Twitter.

Valkyrae brings a lot of wholesome positivity to the internet, and to see something like this? Pretty repulsive, if you ask us. 

Was It Really Due to DDoS Attacks?

Honestly, it’s hard to say. It could have just been too many people coming together at one time on a Rust server, which led to instability. Many feel like it was a group of angry players/fans of Rust that committed DDoS attacks. But what is a DDoS? It’s a Distributed Denial of Service attack. The attacker floods a server with too much data and essentially forces a crash. 

Since DDoS attacks aren’t exactly a new thing, it’s very easy to blame them. BaboAbe, the server host, did not disclose why the servers were unstable. Those are the two popular theories. The next day, on Dec. 27, the second attempt for a Rust stream came to life again, thanks to Valkyrae. It’s disappointing that DDoS attacks would come to a Rust stream organized by Valkyrae.

After about three hours of Rust, it didn’t seem like Valkyrae was very happy about how the stream was going. This was made clear by a statement by Valkyrae herself during the Rust stream, whether or not DDoS attacks were still affecting people in this attempt. It sounds like her chat was plagued with negativity from outsiders from her community. She did continue to play Rust but did so off-stream. 

Valkyrae alt-tabbed out of Rust, though, and spoke up that she ended the stream and was not “having fun streaming.” It was very abrupt and led to the #ValkyraeSupport hashtag on Twitter. On top of this, her Twitter switched to private, leading us to think it was mostly thanks to people harassing Valkyrae during the Rust stream. It’s disappointing to hear about. 

Her Twitter no longer seems to be private, but there’s no word about the situation concerning the stream. We are glad to see how supportive her community is because of toxicity/back-seating in games like Rust is pretty common. It’s not a community filled with happy, well-adjusted people. Thankfully, there was plenty of wholesome support for Valkyrae in the #ValkyraeSupport hashtag. It was a pretty ambitious stream, and, unfortunately, the whole endeavor was filled with disappointment and stress for some. Hopefully, this wasn’t a universal case.


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