Upcoming Yordle and Sentinel of Light LoL Champions Supposedly Leaked

by in League of Legends | May, 17th 2021

The “Sentinel of Light” and the ill-tempered Yordle — two of the three upcoming LoL champions Riot recently talked about in their 2021 roadmap — have supposedly leaked. Now, as always, take everything you see down below with a grain of salt. This is about as far from official as humanly possible, but it still looks legit so it’s definitely worth talking about!

The only thing that has leaked is some concept art for both of the upcoming LoL champions which, generally speaking, isn’t a whole lot. Still, it’s more than we had prior to this point, so let’s dive right in!

Upcoming LoL Champions | ‘Sentinel of Light’ Looks Legit

Supposed concept art for the upcoming Sentinel of Light

This interesting marksman — also characterized as a “full on Sentinel of Light” — is supposed to be released over the next couple of months and is directly tied to Lucian and Senna in some way. Based on all that was shown thus far, he’s going to be a “force of good” and has been designed specifically for mid lane from the ground up.

So if you’re into roaming and solo laning, this gun-wielding maverick will probably be right up your alley!

Based on his purported concept art, he’s somewhat of a mix between Sylas and Samira, with some Prince of Persiaesque vibes thrown in for good measure! He also seems to have some sort of grappling tool that will enable him to traverse the Summoner’s Rift with more ease, although that’s about the only thing we can confidently surmise based on his appearance.

An Ill-Tempered Yordle Coming Right Afterward

Supposed concept art for the new Yordle

Besides the “Sentinel of Light,” we know that Riot is also working on an “ill-tempered” mid lane mage, a Yordle who was once supposed to be an artillery-type champion but has since been reimagined and transmuted into a more traditional one.

What her ability kit will be like and what she’ll bring to the table is anyone’s guess at this point, but it’s impossible not to like her overall appearance. Her tired, dull expression and overall demeanor tell the whole tale. She’ll supposedly play an integral part in Viego’s story, although it’s hard to imagine how that’ll all go down based on her outward appearance. The hands/wings that are a part of her “cloak” also seem pretty darn interesting, not to mention the two runic symbols that evoke a bit of Bloodborne.

Either way, she’ll probably be released sometime before the 2021 League of Legends World Championship although we can never be too certain given just how unpredictable Riot’s release cadence has been over the years. Either way, we’re bound to get more information over the coming weeks and months so stay tuned!


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