Hearthstone Balance Patch in the Works to Address Galakrond Decks

by in General | Jan, 6th 2020

Fun fact: This patch was teased in the previous patch, back on December 19. That tells me that Blizzard knew that the Galakrond was ludicrously strong. However, that patch only addressed one deck: Shaman Invoke. It made the Shaman Galakrond deck work considerably slower, but more will be addressed in this next Hearthstone balance patch.

This is according to August Dean “Iksar” Ayala, revealed in a tweet recently. So, what can we expect in this next major Hearthstone balance patch?

Time for Some Changes

I have a feeling we’re going to see even more Shaman nerfs. The previous targeted changes were relatively minor. If more Galakrond changes on the way, I have a feeling Shaman is going to be the recipient of quite a few of these. However, Priest and Warrior are hot on Shaman’s trail, and I would expect to see some nerfs handed to them as well.

Iksar also said that the Hearthstone team is considering changes to a pair of decks: Pirate Warrior and Deathrattle Rogue. These two are currently among the absolute top decks in Hearthstone right now, based on HSReplay’s stats.

I do wonder what cards are going to be targeted across these decks. Some speculation has been Shield of Galakrond and Devoted Maniac. While not wildly influential, they could be safe ways to lower the strength of the deck without nerfing cards into unplayability. Though the dev team has often leaned towards nerfing the lower rarity cards and making as few changes as possible, that might not be possible here.

I’d look out for Corrupt Elementalist too. Even though it was nerfed recently, it’s still incredibly strong. That nerf may not have been enough. You know, I love this expansion, but the deck I chose to run has seen a lot of hate. I’m not surprised, but I am sad that it was nerfed about a week into the expansion.

I enjoyed this set, but I was sort of worried about it. With only select character classes receiving Galakrond decks (The League of E.V.I.L. classes), I hoped it wouldn’t leave those non-Galakrond decks out in the cold. It seems to me that those are the most popular decks going right now, though. It’s sad, but I hope this expansion learned a valuable lesson. Why do I have a feeling the next expansion will offer new cards like Galakrond to just the other classes?

Miscellaneous Changes

Hearthstone Battlegrounds will continue to shift and change as the months go on too. Those changes are farther apart, though. These changes are slated for 2-3 months down the line. It will add new cards, heroes and a variety of balance to the already established cards. It’s a fun mode, so I’m glad they’re investing time into keeping it fresh.

With a steady cast of rotating heroes and cards, it should continue to offer something new and exciting in the Auto-Chess genre. That hasn’t blown up quite like I thought it would. Perhaps if there are some big money Auto-Chess tournaments, we’ll see something new. But for now, it’s just great fun.

There’s also a new solo-game mode on the way to Hearthstone, entitled Galakrond’s Awakening. It supposedly drops around the same time as the Hearthstone Galakrond balance patch, in the second half of January. There will be 35 new cards in Galakrond’s Awakening, which can be used in all formats.

This is the final battle of the latest solo adventure. It ought to shake the meta up with some awesome new cards. Hopefully, those won’t get nerfed into the ground almost immediately! I can be hopeful, at least.


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