University of Warwick Announces €275,000 Esports Center

by in Collegiate Esports | May, 19th 2021

All teams aim to do well in esports. When they win, they usually reinvest their winnings into helping the players do better. The University of Warwick’s esports team has decided to invest in a massive esports center on campus.

Warwick’s Decision

It’s no surprise that the University of Warwick would do something like this, as they partnered with HyperX just last November. Their intentions with the esports center are also purely for the benefit of the sport. With the center’s plans to be a locale for players to hone their skills and practice for upcoming events, the esports center will also allow for research into the world of esports, bringing together play and academia.

The University of Warwick also plans to use the esports center as a medium-sized venue for events in the future. On top of this, Warwick has made the center configurable, so it can be taken apart and moved to a larger location for bigger esports events on campus. 

Warwick is also deciding to look for more sponsors to add to the Warwick family to provide coaching, training, and development activities that all can access. Clare Green, a digital communities manager at Warwick, had this to say about the upcoming world of esports. “Unlike traditional sports, esports is a level playing field. Whether you are neurodiverse, whether you are male, female, physically disabled, or able-bodied, and regardless of age, all people can play together. This is what is so exciting about the esports industry. There is a lot of work to do in terms of diversity and inclusion, but this center provides us with a genuine opportunity for positive actions and change.”

Warwick aims for their esports team and society to be one of inclusivity, opting to share the fact that gaming is truly meant for everyone. From outreach programs to community groups, Warwick is making a statement to the greater world of esports that their center is one for everyone. 

Based on all of this, Warwick also seems to be aiming to become one of the core staples of collegiate esports in the UK, with their intention to become a major venue for players and other collegiate teams alike. 


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