Unikrn and GRID Launch CSGO’s First-Ever $1 Million-Plus Prediction Contest

by in CS:GO | Aug, 10th 2020

Prizes for predicting scores and whatnot are nothing new in traditional sports, but it’s been rare that they’ve crossed the line to esports. Usually, these sorts of contests are for fun, or if you’re lucky, a PC or some other prize.

Enter Unikrn and GRID. They have partnered up to present an unprecedented CSGO prediction contest for fans: Esports Millions. The partnership is part of Unikrn’s sponsorship of the upcoming Relog CSGO 9to5 series, which features North, MiBR, Godsent, OG, Havu, Heroic, Forze, and Spirit, a good mix of tier one and two CSGO rosters.

These sorts of prediction contests are a big part of other esports like Dota 2, which includes it in their compendium every year, but never with this big of a prize included.

What Is Esports Millions?

Esportsmillions.gg is a free-to-play prediction game where players can answer 10 questions about the upcoming week’s 9to5 series games. If you answer all 10 of the questions correctly, you win! Here are the questions:

  • Which team will be the 9to5 Relog Cup 3 Winner?
  • Which team will be the 9to5 Relog Cup 3 Runner Up?
  • Will the final go to three maps?
  • What will the last map score of final be?
  • Which player will have the best kills/deaths ratio across the 9to5 Relog Cup 3?
  • Which player will earn the most kills in a map during the 9to5 Relog Cup 3?
  • Which player will earn the most headshots in a map during the 9to5 Relog Cup 3?
  • Which player will have the most deaths in a map during the 9to5 Relog Cup 3?
  • Which team will have the fewest round wins in a map during the 9to5 Relog Cup 3?
  • What is the highest number of kills by a player in a single map during the 9to5 Relog Cup 3?

Unikrn customers and players who deposit to bet on Unikrn will get bonus codes to use towards additional entries. If there is no winner, the fan with the best prediction in the CSGO contest will win an elite VYBE Stage 3 gaming PC from MAINGEAR.

“Million dollar prize pools are commonplace in esports, but this is the first time esports fans could become millionaires themselves,” said Karl Flores from Unikrn. “We host a hyper-engaged community of esports fans. Pairing GRID’s data-driven questions, our customers’ prowess, and our tips tools, we’re looking forward to a CSGO fan making esports history.”

How Likely Is It That You Win?

We crunched the numbers and using some approximations, It’s safe to say a smart, researched viewer can get many choices down to an educated guess between the top 10% of teams and 5% of players for any given question.

Suppose we also assume fans know that the all-time round kill record for a competitive CSGO map was 47 (set by K0nfig at DreamHack Marseille’s qualifier in 2018). In that case, we can narrow down the guesses in that category to between 35 and 45.

We can also use some past data to guess how many rounds the final map will go to. Most finals will not go to overtime, so one team should have a 16, significantly reducing your choices.

With some research, you have about a 1 in 5.2 million chance of winning the grand prize, and if you create a Unikrn account, you could enter multiple times. That brings your chances of winning to about 1 in 1.7 million.

That’s 178 times more likely than winning the Mega Millions, which isn’t too bad for a free-to-enter contest!

Plus, there are guaranteed prizes for the best predictors, including an awesome gaming PC and free esports betting on Unikrn.

Unikrn is an award-winning esports bookmaker, so you know they’re good for the prize. What have you to lose?


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