Unicorns of Love to Represent LCL at the 2021 MSI

by in League of Legends | Apr, 19th 2021

The Unicorns of Love have once again won the LCL and will represent their region at MSI 2021 in Reykjavik, Iceland! This, in short, is quite spectacular news, but we might need to elaborate as to why that’s the case. 

To the more seasoned competitive LoL fans, this perennial (and supremely idiosyncratic) organization needs no introduction. Most folks know of them because of their long and respectable LEC tenure, but it wasn’t until they moved over to the LCL that they began to truly shine and dominate. The LCL, of course, is by no means as competitive and packed with talent as the LEC, but it’s still the home of many exquisite players, some of which have found surprising amounts of success on the international stage over the years. The Unicorns of Love were denied a franchised spot in the LEC and yet that didn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things — they took it in stride, found a new region to call home, and have been dominating beyond measure ever since.

Quite a wholesome story, you’ll probably agree.

Their 2021 LCL Spring Split run wasn’t perfect, though. They finished the regular season in fourth place, below One Breath Gaming, Gambit Esports, and CrowCrowd. Their 10W-4L record was commendable, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. Fortunately, in true UOL fashion, they stepped up immensely once the playoffs came around and outclassed both Gambit Esports and CrowCrowd en route to hoisting yet another LCL title. 

It’s All About the Underdogs

The Unicorns of Love didn’t accomplish a whole lot at last year’s Worlds, although they delivered about as much as Team SoloMid and Rogue, so it’s hard to deem their run a debacle. No one had any expectations, and yet UOL still managed to surprise us in all the right ways — their 0W-6L record doesn’t really do them justice.

They echo much of what makes competitive League underdogs so darn exciting: feistiness and a crazy (somewhat unhinged) take on the game and its meta. Take Albus Nox Luna for example, or the GIGABYTE Marines, both of which made a splash at 2016 Worlds and the 2017 MSI, respectively. These underdogs fight with more fervor and they’re often fearless in the face of some mighty stiff competition (to say the least). They couldn’t care less for the odds — they have nothing to prove, no one’s expecting anything from them, so why not throw caution out the window and fight like their lives depend on it? 

That’s the main reason why we’re so excited to see the Unicorns of Love back on the international stage: they’re a unique challenger and will always find new and exciting ways of competing with the “big dogs.” They can’t win on sheer talent alone (although they’re not lacking in that regard either), so they have to find alternate avenues for success. And, knowing just how creative and flexible they are, there’s no doubt on anyone’s mind that they’ll bring their “A game” and successfully trade blows with the who’s who of competitive League come May. 

They probably won’t upset the long-established status quo, but they’ll definitely give everyone a good run for their money! 


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