Ubisoft’s Future Games Could Have ‘Play to Earn’ Technology Built-In

by in General | Oct, 29th 2021

Blockchain technology is getting popular, and even Ubisoft is looking at Play to Earn, NFTs, and Crypto for their games. During the Q2 earnings call, this was one of the major talking points. Ubisoft is certainly interested in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, as many before them have made significant sums of money on it. Ubisoft is already a founder of the Blockchain Game Alliance and has worked with Animoca Brands, a blockchain-focused developer. So they’re familiar with the territory, but it sounds like the time to strike has come. It sounds like we could see Play to Earn games coming from Ubisoft – perhaps like Axie Infinity.

What Does the Future Hold?

During this phone call, Ubisoft reportedly highlighted several of Animoca’s projects, and they were all blockchain projects. In particular, Ubisoft highlighted one of the Animoca games, a project with Play to Earn tech – REVV Motorsport. REVV Motorsport is one of several games and projects that use a “Play to Earn” REVV token, and apparently, that appeals to Ubisoft. This token is a form of cryptocurrency and can be earned while playing these games. 

Quite a few games are in this ecosystem, so we could certainly see Ubisoft adopt something like this very soon. During the Q2 earnings call, they also talked about the voxel metaverse, The Sandbox, and its SAND Token/NFTs. While looking at how other people are doing it is neat, Ubisoft wants its unique blockchain crypto technology. Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, confirms this, saying they will look into their blockchain-implemented projects within the company. 

Ultimately, it sounds like Ubisoft is going to try out this whole “Play to Earn” system on their games, which will potentially do much better than Animoca Brands. Not to denigrate them, but Ubisoft has some massive IPs like, for example, Assassin’s Creed. The idea is that players can play these games, earn their cryptocurrency, and profit from playing the game. So what’s the next step? Using their partnerships in the blockchain/crypto space is probably what’s next.

Ubisoft wants to be “one of the key players” in the crypto/NFT scene. Since they’ve already got some huge IPs and online games (Assassin’s Creed/Tom Clancy titles), we could see Play to Earn concepts or something across the Ubisoft games library. This is going to become a pattern among online game developers, more than likely. No matter how you feel about NFTs, crypto, and blockchain, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Perhaps one of these major companies will devise a way to utilize the blockchain without devastating the environment. If interested, the transcript of the Q2 2021 call is here.


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