Ubisoft Announces Rainbow Six World Cup for Summer 2021

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Sep, 11th 2020

When you think “World Cup,” you probably think soccer and FIFA. However, Ubisoft is hoping to change that up in Summer 2021, when the international, country-based Rainbow Six World Cup kicks off! International rivalries, intense, but independent layer of competitions, this could be just what the Rainbow Six community needs to shake things up and show the world what makes their game so great!

There’s been a bit of good news for Rainbow Six Siege fans recently, and this is some of the biggest!

What We Know

Though the tournament isn’t kicking off until 2021, competing will be decided this fall! Beginning Sept. 14, 45 teams will start selecting a National Committee, a group of three team managers. From here, the Ubisoft esports team, local pros, coaches, and the Rainbow Six Siege community will elect team managers for each region taking part. Fall 2020 should see each national team have their five players selected, though no definitive date has been given.

Who will be taking part? Here are the nations we’re aware of per region:

  • Europe: Germany, Spain, the UK, Italy, France, Russia
  • APAC: Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia
  • North America: Canada, United States
  • Latin America: Mexico, Brazil

The invited squads will battle with the teams that made their way through qualifying rounds to see who is the best Rainbow Six squad in the world, to claim the World Cup ultimately.

Ubisoft also announced that NBA player Tony Parker would be an ambassador of the Rainbow Six World Cup. “Having the opportunity to compete and fight for your country, having the support of an entire country, it’s an indescribable feeling, and I’m sure the Rainbow Six players are going to feel it as well,” Parker said.

This is an incredibly smart move on Ubisoft’s part. Who doesn’t get caught up in rooting for their country? There are plenty of people who may tune in, not even because they’re fans, but because they want to cheer on their country, they will get swept up in all the fuss and excitement of Rainbow Six. Sure, having local, city-based teams is neat, but nothing matches the hype of cheering for your entire nation. Who do you think will take the Rainbow Six World Cup? Why the U.S., of course! Let us know your pick!


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