Ubisoft Announces New North American Rainbow Six Esports League

by in Rainbow Six Siege | May, 6th 2020

COVID-19 isn’t going to keep esports down, not at all! Though things slowed down briefly, more esports leagues are starting back up, or coming to life for the first time. This week, Ubisoft announced its new North American Rainbow Six Esports League.

What can we expect though? How about 28 teams across the United States and Canada, doing battle to see who is the absolute best in North America in Rainbow Six Siege? That sounds pretty great to us! Let’s get down to some details!

28 Teams, 1 Winner

The North American Rainbow Six Esports League is set to begin in late June 2020 with two regional divisions. There is also said to be a “revamped path-to-pro tier designed to foster the best up-and-coming teams in both territories.” Now that is exciting. It seems so darn difficult to grow as a would-be team and get your name out there. If this is true, it could be just what some of the smaller orgs or teams need to get their name out there.

The U.S. Division of the Rainbow Six Esports League features eight pro team organizations that will compete in an offline league based in Las Vegas. Now, this is worrisome in this current time of the coronavirus.

However, we do want to point out that it’s similar to the Overwatch League’s “Path to Pro” system. All we can do is hope it doesn’t wind up being quite such a failure to those would-be teams. Blizzard didn’t do them any favors, and consistently ignored the needs of those path to pro teams.

Ubisoft is striking while the iron is hot, that’s for sure. This is a time when more people are playing than ever, thanks to, admittedly COVID-19. But it’s a great time to introduce something new when people are more likely going to be watching. I imagine the hope is high that once the world returns to normal, they’ll have sealed consistent, faithful fans that will tune in no matter what. But what teams have been revealed so far? Right now, according to PlayStation LifeStyle, these are the known teams:

  • Spacestation Gaming
  • TSM
  • DarkZero Esports
  • Tempo Storm
  • eUnited
  • Oxygen Esports
  • Disrupt Gaming
  • Susquehanna Soniqs

That’s a pretty solid list of teams if you ask us. Che Chou, senior director of esports at Ubisoft, spoke about the announcement. “We are tremendously excited for the new Rainbow Six Esports global structure that prioritizes investment and regionalization in each of the territories. In the North America League, the eight U.S. Division teams were selected to ensure a thriving and stable team structure for a premium offline league.”

Chou added, “Setting down roots for Rainbow Six Esports in Las Vegas puts our pastime within one of the greatest epicenters of entertainment in the world, which as of today now has an esports league to call it home. Alongside the U.S. Division, we believe the Canada Division and respective Challenger Leagues completes the competitive scene in North America, providing vast opportunities for players of diverse skill levels to pursue the esports dream.”

They have some pretty solid sponsors lined up too. Corsair and Acer Predator are the two we’re aware of. That can only mean that branded merch and hardware is on the way! We did also hear an official statement as to the nature of offline and online gameplay.

“Given current health and safety concerns for our players and employees as well as following guidelines from the state of Nevada, and given the timeframe for the U.S. Division launch date, competition for Stage 1 of the 2020 Season will take place online. As soon as the situation permits, we will assess any available opportunity to continue our offline Las Vegas program.”

Perhaps the biggest part of this is that the actual developer, Ubisoft, is taking part in the North American Rainbow Six Esports League. Not enough developers are being hands-on with their esports scenes, and it is something that needs to change. We’re glad to see this and hope for nothing but success with this latest development.


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