Two Staple Overwatch League Players Retire

by in Overwatch | Dec, 11th 2019

The Overwatch community was hit with a bit of bad news this week. Kim “Pine” Do-hyeon (of New York Excelsior fame) and Jacob “Jake” Lyon (former Houston Outlaws DPS) decided to step away from competitive play. Now, seeing such staple Overwatch League players retire is at once both depressing but also baffling.

After all, we’ve only watched them compete for two seasons of the Overwatch League and, in Pine’s case, even less than that. While their careers began before OWL’s inception, it was only recently that they were exposed to a much broader (global) audience.

Overwatch League Players Retire: Pine and Jake

They’re two exceptional players who have thousands of fans across the globe, albeit for entirely different reasons. Jake was always an outspoken individual who was a fantastic addition to any analyst desk. His Junkrat skills also blew the minds of many.

Pine, on the other hand, was an absolute hitscan behemoth — a force of nature. Whenever he got his hands on Widowmaker or McCree, there was only a handful of players who could go blow for blow.

His incredible pop-off performances gave us many highlights in season one, although he was quickly “phased” out of the starting line-up because of his small hero pool. He was also somewhat inconsistent most of the time, as he’d either demolish people left and right or fail to mount an offensive at all.

After a couple of good games his confidence skyrocketed, but that wasn’t always the case. Whenever he played without bravado and supreme confidence, he was nowhere near as dominant.

So, it is only natural that when the meta shifted towards GOATS, Pine failed to see any concrete play time. His unique talents were no longer necessary, and it seems that that’ll remain the case for the foreseeable future as well. While the meta currently isn’t set in stone, it’s probably not going to regress back to its 2018 state.

The moments when we saw Pine flex his immense mechanical prowess will long be remembered as some of the best moments competitive Overwatch had to offer. After all, he received the “Big Boss Pine” moniker for a reason.

He’ll stay under the New York Excelsior banner for the 2020 season and will become a full-time streamer.

By the same token, Jake felt that his all-in approach to the game made him stagnate in other areas of his private life. He’ll remain active within the Overwatch scene, although it’s still unknown in which capacity.

Seeing two beloved Overwatch League players retire from professional play isn’t exactly how you want to start the week off. Both Pine and Jake will look for greener pastures, be it in streaming or in other kinds of content creation.

While it’s sad that we’ll no longer see them compete at the highest of levels, at least they’ll remain in the Overwatch scene and who knows — maybe they’ll get the competitive itch yet again.


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