Twitch’s DMCA Claims Are Ruining Popular IRL Streams

by in Entertainment | Nov, 17th 2020

The DMCA copyright issues on Twitch have been wreaking havoc on virtually everyone – even IRL streams aren’t exempt. We’d argue that it’s even worse for them than a regular streamer. The IRL streamers are hitting the point where they’re too stressed or afraid to try and keep their content up because they can be copyright struck for things they aren’t even doing.

DMC-Ya Later – Music Industry, Probably

If you’re live streaming, and out in the world – say, at the store, in a mall, or other places you shouldn’t be during a global pandemic, you have no control over what’s going on around you. Let’s say, you’re walking through the grocery store, live streaming, as people do, apparently. Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” starts playing, since it’s November, and that means it’s practically Christmas. You’re running the stream, everything’s fine, but then you catch a copyright strike for music that you aren’t even in control of.

What has Twitch said about avoiding copyright strikes? Why just “mute gameplay music and sound effects”! How does that help IRL streamers? Their only resort is to stream in places where there is no music and no sound. Even sirens can catch people with a copyright strike. 

An example given is Twitch IRL streamer “Nmplol”, who was streaming from Whole Foods. Before even making purchases, he realized that music is playing (in the ceiling), and it could spell a ban for him. Since grocery stores always play music in the background, even if very quietly, it’s not safe to stream there for the foreseeable future. 

Nmplol had this to say:

“It might be GGs with the music. Unless we go like outside hiking or something. But when it comes to going any place, I say we wait a couple months until this DMCA sh*t gets resolved or something changes, really.”

They could go to Facebook since they will not be pursuing any copyright strikes against their Partners, so they claim. Jake’n’Bake also pointed out he got a ban from a clip that’s over two years old, where they passed by a shop or something that had music playing. He is in danger of losing his career because someone wanted to play Kanye West in their store, or someone had it playing on their phone. 

With that in mind, it’s pretty safe as an argument that many Twitch IRL streams are in greater danger of losing everything thanks to this rash of DMCA claims. There are so many sounds and musical pieces that play in the open world, that they can’t possibly control them all. There’s even a chance that the sound of a car passing by them could be misconstrued, and see a copyright strike over something absolutely insane. 


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