Twitch’s Account Verification System May Help Combat Harassment

by in Entertainment | Sep, 28th 2021

Twitch is creating a new account verification feature to hopefully give streamers better control over who chats in their channels. Through this system, chatters will have to verify their email and/or their phone number. Hopefully, this will stop those bots that spam creates accounts from doing so (or at least, quite so easily). Streamers will have the power to require accounts that hang out in their streams to have these restrictions/verification systems in place. Whether or not it actually helps, we’ll have to see what happens when the Twitch Account Verification system takes root.

Twitch Aims to Fight Hate Raids

Hate Raids are still happening on Twitch. Even though people aren’t talking about them as much now, they haven’t actually stopped. In August, Twitch announced they were working on some changes, a new “channel-level ban evasion detection and account verification improvements.” The idea is that we, as streamers can put some blocks into place to hopefully counter the hate bots. Then, on September 26th, Zach Bussey posted on Twitter that confirmed this was coming:

“Twitch will soon be giving streamers better control over who can chat in their channels based on email and/or phone verification. Lots of customization and situational restrictions. Exemptions can be provided for Subscribers, VIPs, and Mods.”

You can also see a screenshot of what this may look like here. You can click a button to make it so that anyone who chats must have a verified email account, or that “Some Chatters”, or “No Chatters”. For the “Some Chatters”, there are further options:


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