Twitch Warzone $400k Tournament Stream Hacked by a Kid

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 17th 2021

Hacking is already a serious problem in Warzone. Twitch Rivals’ World Series of Warzone tournament is an incredible event, but a kid has hacked it and spoiled the fun for everyone. While we’re going to have to wait to see what happens with the new anti-cheat in Warzone, a kid hacked the tournament event without being in any match. Instead, someone hacked one of the Captains’ cameras and brought serious disrespect to the viewers, players, captains, and the whole tournament. 

A Brief But Powerful Move

The World Series of Warzone is an event with $400,000 on the line and is hosted by Twitch and Activision. It’s probably the biggest Warzone event going and has 150 of the best Warzone players duking it out. Five captains picked teams, and serious cash is on the line. However, a very random, rude surprise waited for the viewers in the November 16th North American draft. So what exactly happened?

A “kid” hacked into the Warzone tournament stream and took over Captain HusKerrs’ camera. During the event, HusKerrs’ camera was briefly taken over by someone pointing a middle finger at the camera and waggling it. That’s all we saw, the person’s finger and nothing else. It, of course, got a ton of laughs on Twitter, but it’s still a pretty serious thing to see. It still created some pretty funny reactions, such as NRG’s JoeWo. “Some little kid hacked Huskerrs Cam and got on the WSOW Draft and flipped off the Cam LMAO, where is your mama, little man.”

The CoD stream managed to more or less ignore it and carry on as if nothing happened – except ShawnJ, who did laugh about it. It sounds like it was fixed behind the scenes. The fans were again treated to the camera of HusKerrs, instead of that finger. Hopefully, if someone’s camera was hacked during a live encounter, this will lead to greater security and anti-virus going forward into the World Series of Warzone. 

We don’t want to see this kid or anyone else hacking the Warzone tournament. It’s bad enough that people are hacking in-game. Now they’re hacking outside of the game and getting on people’s cameras too. All we can do is hope that this is the last we hear of hacking within the World Series of Warzone. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had hackusations during a tournament. This might be the strangest hacking we’ve seen for a tournament, though.


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