Twitch Reveals New Esports Platform Versus Entering Closed Beta

by in Entertainment | Sep, 9th 2020

Let’s be honest: esports is awesome. In this COVID-19 era, the influence esports has on the world cannot be underestimated. However, actually running, organizing, and starting esports tournaments is not an easy task. Twitch is here to help “democratize esports” with their latest venture. Today we can announce the Versus by Twitch Closed Beta is on the way, and it’s an end-to-end suite of tools for organizers, players, and viewers of all levels in the esports scene. 

A Boon for Esports

Twitch has really leaned hard into esports lately, from their Esports Directory to the various Twitch Rivals events. Twitch has also had interesting esports partnerships. At first, it’s going to be focused on a selected group of competition organizers, but we have a feeling this will extend beyond that before long so that more people than ever can try to host or organize tournaments. 

After all, the next wave of amazing esports players is out there somewhere. It’s hard to find your way into traveling the globe to compete in majors, especially for the fighting game players. Not all competition organizers have the tools and resources to host an esports event, and Versus by Twitch’s Closed Beta will make that easier than ever we think. 

So what is the Versus by Twitch Closed Beta? This series of tools will have something for everyone. Competition organizers will be able to quickly and easily create, manage, and stream competitions for anyone to take part in or watch. This will, of course, be integrated right into Twitch, making it easily accessible. Twitch is the biggest spot to watch esports, and with Twitch at your back, it’s likely going to bring in the viewers. 

What sorts of competition organizers will be taking part in the Closed Beta?

  • Collegiate esports leagues
  • Game Developers
  • Twitch Rivals & Twitch Creators

Twitch wants as many people as possible to get access, but as the months roll on, they want to make sure this system works and can handle running so many styles of competition. Twitch is going to be listening to feedback as well, and this could be the shot in the arm esports needs to get a wider variety of tournaments opening. If you want to get on the waitlist, the link is here, and the Versus Discord is also available. 

If we can be honest, this is a fantastic move by Twitch. We love esports, naturally! There is potential to see all kinds of tournaments being run by a variety of outlets. Speedrunning tournaments, card games, fighting games, FPS, whatever flavor of esport you’re into! To have the power at a content creator’s fingertips to create a tournament, that is awesome. This could also help smaller streams that have the skill and personality make that next step. 

Between this, and offering esports players another avenue to grow and show off their skills without having to head all over the country/globe, it would be far easier. We’re really looking forward to seeing what Versus by Twitch shows off as the Closed Beta rolls out.


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