Twitch to Support Minorities in Esports With League for HBCU & More

by in General | Aug, 4th 2020

Minorities in esports are not represented with near the diligence and respect that they should be. It sounds like Twitch is going to try and fix that with attention to several HBCU’s in America. HBCUs are Historically Black Colleges & Universities, hence the handy acronym. Twitch’s goal is to promote the inclusion of minorities in the gaming sphere. Their representation is abhorrent, so let’s see about fixing that! The titanic platform has planned an esports program for these HBCUs and is being done in partnership with Cxmmunity (a non-profit in Atlanta).

It’s definitely an idea whose time has come. It will surely bring some loud-mouthed troglodytes out of hiding, but heck with ‘em. Let’s bring some diversity to esports! Not all of our Twitch news has really been positive lately, but here’s something to go along with their recent dedication to banning toxic personalities.

83% of Black Teens Play Games, but 68% of Content Creators are White

That’s a pretty damning number if we’re honest with you. Want to know something worse? There are about 200 universities that participate in esports, only one HBCU is among them, and Twitch is going to fix it. Morehouse College is about to be among good, esteemed company, thanks to Twitch and Cxmmunity. This will be done through a program that’s already available, Twitch Student

Twitch Student already existed but wasn’t really available at a variety of HBCUs, but that’s about to change. Twitch Student is a program designed to help enlarge educational esports programs. So, with this latest move, a league dedicated to HBCUs is coming, as well as esports courses with the participation of athletes and actors in the esports industry. They will also be able to look forward to internships and career openings in the esports field. 

Twitch and Cxmmunity have already partnered with Oakwood University, North Carolina Central University, Hampton University, Morehouse College, University, Johnson C. Smith University and Florida A&M University. In particular, Johnson C. Smith is the first HBCU to offer an accredited esports program, and Twitch will hopefully just make it better.

Ryan Johnson, Founder and Executive Director of Cxmmunity spoke about the program:

“The south is the cultural epicenter of the world. The opportunity to build the first HBCU esports league out of Atlanta is an honor and a privilege. As an HBCU graduate I am beyond excited to bring esports scholarships, internships, and job opportunities to students of color.”

A Big Step Forward

We’ve also learned that the first HBCU esports streams have already took place! They began at August 2nd at 3 pm, on Twitch. We can only imagine that they will have more and more of these very soon, with some unforgettable action taking place. 

Kevin Hoang, Manager of Scholastic Partnerships at Twitch also had this to say about the news:

“I’m proud to be working alongside Cxmmunity to help minorities receive access to internet and devices to continue their education from home while pursuing gaming and esports.”

It’s a great thing to see something like this finally coming to fruition in the world of esports. Giving minorities the same advantages and chances the other content creators/students already receive is a major move towards real diversity and inclusion in the world of esports. We absolutely love to see it. While this absolutely should have happened at the beginning of the Twitch Student program, the fact that it is happening now is at least a positive, especially as other universities and colleges begin to actively build their own esports programs.

Together, we can make esports a better place for everyone involved. 


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