Twitch Streamer Payments Are Getting Stolen, No Fix from Twitch

by in Entertainment | Oct, 21st 2021

We’ve seen a sudden spike in Twitch streamer payments being stolen, and there’s nothing Twitch appears to be able to do about it. This likely began after the Twitch hack, and all of that valuable data got spread around the internet. It’s likely that a few enterprising people gained access to passwords and worse, allowing them to redirect people’s Twitch funds from a personal Paypal to the hacker or thieves’ PayPal. The first major instance of this appears to be from Killadelphia, a streamer with just under 10k followers. So what’s going on with this?

Several Streamers Report Stolen Payouts

Last week, Killadelphia posted that despite having 2-step verification, someone logged into their Twitch account, changed all the payout info, and that was just that. Since his repeated tweets weren’t getting any traction from Twitch, he even said he might have to get “lawyered up.” All Twitch could tell him is that the payout was sent by the method on Killadelphia’s account. So if the Twitch payments were stolen from this streamer, there’s nothing Twitch can do about it.


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