Twitch Streamer Nathan Loses All of His 21k Followers

by in General | Jan, 14th 2021

At least this isn’t a ban for no reason. Nathan is a 16-year old Minecraft streamer on Twitch. Overnight, he lost all of his followers. That’s 21k+ followers that the streamer accrued after years of hard work and quality content. It has to be heartbreaking to see something like this happen. He wasn’t banned, but somehow, a glitch occurred. Thankfully, it’s not all bad news for Nathan. What has happened here?

Community Support for Nathan

Nathan again is a primarily Minecraft streamer and has built an excellent following over the last couple of years. Twenty-one thousand followers are nothing to sneeze at. But overnight, Twitch streamer Nathan loses all of those followers out of nowhere.

His Tweet just shows how devastated he was: “I’ve lost everything. My Twitch lost all of its followers. Every single person who has followed me the last 26 months are gone. I’m just at a loss for words.”

People came out to say they refollowed, which is nice. His Twitch screengrab in the Tweet showed he had a total of seven followers, which is unfortunate. There’s no telling if Twitch Support got back to it, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they hadn’t. Nathan’s channel has good vibes and a positive chat, which feels more like a rarity.

Thankfully, there are good people on Twitch who flooded forward to help the Minecraft streamer. Nathan loses all of his Twitch followers, but that’s not the end of the streamer’s story. Thousands came to support Nathan, restoring his follower count. It’s not back to 21k, but as of this writing, he’s at 14,700. Other supporters and content creators came out to gift subs, including Minecraft content creator Tubbo. In a two hour stream, Nathan had 10,000 followers back, so he’s getting back to where he was. Hopefully, Twitch steps in to help, but this is an unfortunate tale with a positive ending.

While yes, we’re devastated for Nathan. Nathan loses all of his Twitch followers in one night, streamers and fans came back to bring some positivity and light to the 16-year old Minecraft streamer. There are so many awful stories from Twitch; people being negative, hateful, stalking, or swatting. But something like this, it’s just heartwarming. Though something awful happened, Twitch came together to help Nathan get his community back together. Hopefully, his 21k are all back soon, and he can keep bringing those positive vibes back to his friends and fans.


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