Twitch Streamer Banned After Allegedly Threatening Three-Year-Old Daughter

by in General | Feb, 18th 2021

Warning: This story may have comments and content that is potentially disturbing to some readers.

We all get angry sometimes when gaming. It just happens. But just because you’re angry doesn’t mean you need to lash out at others, whether it’s a family member, pet, neighbor, or friend. However, KillaMFCamTTV wound up allegedly screaming at his daughter, threatening to break her neck. The clip’s original poster thought it was a brother or son, but this is not the case. After the streamer threatens to harm his daughter, he has since been banned from Twitch. 

Perhaps it is a permanent ban. It ought to be if something like this is going on. 

A Ban and Response

Streamer Frizzable dropped KillaMFCam in Escape from Tarkov. After the defeat, Frizzable hopped to the other player’s channel (since it was obvious they were a streamer by their name), and he heard something horrifying: “Stop f**king sh*tting yourself, dude. How hard is that? Jesus Christ, man. God damn you stupid motherf**ker. I f**king hate you, dude. Get the f**k out of my room, bro. Get out. Go. Get the f**k out of my room. Get out. I’m gonna break your f**king neck, dude.”

The streamer put their rage towards the player who beat them first. That’s when the streamer KillaMFCamTTV threatens their daughter. It’s not a comfortable listen, so you are forewarned. Since the incident, the account has left Twitch, but it was not listed on StreamerBans, where we typically see these come up. 

The tweeted responses from Cam are no longer available since the account is either deleted/hidden. But he did respond. “I can’t believe someone would edit a clip and slander me like that over banning them. Y’all are absurd as f**k, and I ain’t hiding nothing. My kid can vouch for me her damn self.”

The following tweet went on to try and defend himself. “Imma go ahead and say one more time .. to all that are concerned. I’m sorry I reacted the way I did. I did overreact, but my overreaction was in no way directed at my kid! That video is edited slander of me yelling at my dog, tho that doesn’t excuse my anger; please realize ..”

However, there was no editing. Frizzable was kind enough to call it, to show the entire VOD in the tweet they initially dropped. Since the streamer was banned, and the VOD is now down, it sounds like they tried to make Frizzable the bad guy. This was a hard article to write. Even if it’s true, and they were yelling at/threatening their pet, that’s still absolutely disgusting. It’s still not the right reaction after losing in a game. 

Seeing the VOD as the streamer threatens their daughter, it’s just beyond reproach. There’s so much wrong there. We hope the child is okay and that the authorities have been contacted if something is going down.


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