Twitch Stalker Threatens Streamer Jadeyanh, Claims He Killed Her Father

by in Entertainment | Jan, 18th 2021

We’ve talked about a lot of really disgusting things people on Twitch have done, but this might be one of the most vile. Jadeyanh is a Just Chatting streamer that has a huge following, of over 250k. That’s nothing to sneeze at. However, in a recent live stream, Jadeyanh had a call from a Twitch stalker, who said if she didn’t flash the stream, her father would be killed. The reason she even picked up in the first place was likely that the phone call from her father’s number.  She looked terrified, but since the conversation was in German, not everybody knew what was going on right away.

What happened?

A Disgusting Move from Jadeyanh’s Twitch Stalker

This is unfortunately not the first experience Jadeyanh has had via a Twitch stalker. From calling the fire department to her home, to having 25 pizzas show up at her door, it’s just shameful. During the stream, this phone call supposedly from her father came in. The terror on her face is very visible as she spoke in German.

Jadeyanh revealed the details of what happened in a post on Twitter:

“While streaming my ‘Dad’ called me. When I picked up, a guy demanded that I must show my boobs onstream. He said if I refuse, he will slit my dad’s throat who, according to him, was lying tied up on the floor. He kept calling me horrible things and even dropped my address in order to terrify me even more.”

“I tried to reason with him. After I refused to show my boobs, because he wouldn’t let me speak to my dad, he said he killed him. Seconds after he said that he killed my dad, my Mod wrote in chat that he contacted my uncle, who contacted my dad. He was fine, asleep when all this occurred. After hearing the news, I immediately hung up on him and called the police. I’m writing all this down because I was talking in german and I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings because this is quite serious.”

A Heinous Act

This is frankly just an evil thing to do to someone. It’s not difficult to spoof a phone call to show a fake number, but hopefully, the police take it seriously and are able to trace the spoofed phone number. We’ve seen far too many female streamers be harassed and stalked, and streamers just in general be Swatted, hassled, and bullied for no reason. It’s practically commonplace for larger female streamers (and smaller communities aren’t safe either) to be stalked or harassed like this. If there’s a solution, we’d love to see it. Jadeyanh’s mod Creditz definitely went above and beyond to help the streamer, and bless him for that. Jadeyanh also pointed out that after the event she was in shock:

“I’m still under shock because I believed for a couple of seconds that I let my dad get murdered because I didn’t flash on stream. Everything feels numb.”

We can’t argue that though. In her shoes, we’d probably feel the exact same way. But it’s a really weird threat to make on a murder threat. Thankfully, the Twitch community offered support and kind words to Jadeyanh, for having to deal with this crazy Twitch stalker. It’s gross beyond measure, and there’s absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior.


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